I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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When I first thought up Run Club my idea was that we'd all run and each mile was going to be 1 point. There'd be power ups to help level the playing field for those who couldn't run as far or as fast. Then I thought, well, I shouldn't penalize people who can't run far, so why not make it time based, then people who aren't fast can get in on it. I made my original post and there was interest from people who wanted to participate but wanted to do other exercise, swimming, biking, Kluge wanted to jump rope.


I figured we could use the 10 min = 1 point as a catch all. I'd never designed a game before and didn't really know what kind of trouble this would get me in. From my perspective people would do 1 activity and that would sort of be their activity. Kluge could jump rope, Nach could run around Florida in his Wayfarers, Neryl could bouncy walk, TUT could hike. It was a nice idea, but we've hit some snags.

The snag is...what counts as exercise? If I roughhouse with my daughter for 15 minutes, do I count it as two points? If I go get the mail and it takes me one minute, can I count it as one point by the end of the week? If I take the stairs instead of the elevator, how many points is that? In our initial meeting, GranArcanum joked, "Can I count sex as points?" We laughed, but it is a serious question. What counts and what doesn't? Last night I said, "exercise is anything you're going to do with the intent of fitness," but that doesn't really pass muster, or it does, but that definition may break this game of ours. It's hard to quantify some of these things. On the one hand, I don't want to penalize the people who are putting in the extra mile. It's absolutely fantastic that people are taking the stairs instead of the elevator. It's wonderful if you're parking farther away from your job. But on the other hand, where do you draw the line?


So here are some ideas to sort of get us all on the same page. I need feedback, and I'd like for us all to come to some sort of majority consensus. If everyone is happy the way things are, well, then, let's stay the course. Otherwise I have some, and would be open to more, suggestions:

  1. We make "slow zones." These are places where points are earned at a reduced rate. These places would be like a University (unless you're at the gym) or a place of employment.
  2. My personal preference is that we only log points for our single longest exercise of the day. The extra activities could become bonus points by just being used as a counter. For every five "extra activities" (5, 4, 3, whatever seems fairest) you'd get a point. This way no one is penalized too heftily for their extra activities, but on the other hand they're not worth the full 1 point/activity.
  3. We keep everything the same but put an increasing cap on weekly points (max points bankable/week)
  4. ??? Profit

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