Hiya! Sorry, went to the lake and didn't get to update yesterday as I was too tired.

Here we are: Week 8. The FINAL COUNTDOWN. And what a match it's been.

Team Plusle: 287.565

Team Minum: 317.82

To demonstrate how close it's been here's a lovely chart. You can see that as we enter week 8, both teams are neck and neck! WOOOOO! The bad news is, if this were a game of DOTA 2 I'd be typing GG right now. I'm leaving for Los Angeles at the end of the week (Thursday) and Kluge is still MIA possibly not to be seen this week either. Unless Team Minum can pull through a miracle......MIRACLE TEAM COME ON!!! PS. Quiddity you suck. Stop watching the international and start running/gyming.

This Week's Level Goals

Team Minum

Aikage 50

I_Kluge 50

Morie 50

Quiddity 100

Migaru 50

Timehacker 100

SupremeEvan 50

StygianKnight 50

Team Plusle

Nach 50

TUT 100

Barkspawn 50

Aestevalis 50

Novi 50

Dangerous 50

John 100