I'm really feeling it!

The level goal for everyone is 18 points this week! Hurray!

Whew what a week! Team Minum is dragging and Team Plusle has finally pulled ahead! Will this trend continue into next week? Only time will tell. Thankfully I went running today and my foot was OK. I also didn't have a heart attack, so that's a plus.


Team Minum: 239

Team Plusle: 252

Week 5 - 8 are hard, not just in a level goal sort of way, but also in the people start becoming disinterested sort of way. Psychologically, it's tough to go full force for 8 weeks. Don't give up! We're now over halfway through! You can do it! To make up for evil Plusle tripping Minum, we've got a very happy Plusle trolling a very angry Minum.

Any questions or comments leave 'em below.

Cheat Sheet.


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