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TAY Run Club: Off Season Mayhem Begins Now

Oh ho ho Taykins, you didn’t think you’d be rid of me and my Run Club posts just because....Run Club ended, did you?

Perish the thought!

I bring to you today, Run Club 5.0 with improved VR, Omni directional control, and potent titan fighting power! Ok, nevermind all that. But I don’t want to just fall back into armchair sloth wearing pants again, so let’s keep up some basal momentum if you will. To that end:

TAY Run Club: Off Season

What is it? A very low key way to log exercise in a rough Run Club Lite framework. There will be spreadsheets (yay!), There will be points logging (yay!), there will be blood (oh no!) I will set up an alternate sheet for people of intermediate/expert skill level.


Who can participate? Anyone! Don’t let the name Run Club fool you, it’s really EXERCISE CLUB, but that sounds lame so I used the much more pleasing cadence of “run club”.

How does it work? Every week you get a set of goals such as “log 10 points total, log at least one point on three days, log 2 points on two consecutive days, etc.” If you meet those goals you meet them, if you don’t you try again for those same goals the next week. If you get 3 consecutive weeks of meeting your goals you can pick something out of the TAY Toybox (donations accepted!) It ends when I’m ready to do Run Club Season 2.5 which may be soon or may be never! Who knows!? We’ll set a hard deadline of 12 weeks from now.

How do I sign up? Sign up below in the comments and I’ll put up a post sometime later this week with your very own spreadsheet access and goals!

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