I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

Hi guys! Now that run club has officially started, I'm going to be tweaking the game a little as problems arise or things are pointed out to me that just aren't working. I may also add power ups/achievements as we go if I think of anything or if you guys have any ideas for power ups/nerfs/buffs/etc. I will not inundate TAY with posts like I did last week, I'll only post patch notes once/week usually on a Wednesday, but since this week I already switched so much stuff I figured I'd post them now. Without further ado,

Patch Notes: Emergency Patch and Week of 1/12/14 changelog


-Fixed You Have My Axe. Previously it was possible to purchase this power up, then create a chain of double points. IE. player 1 gives player 2 10 points which become 20. Player 2 gives player 3 20 points which becomes 40. The power up can now only be used to help someone reach a level goal. ***Thanks go to Neryl for noticing this***


- Nemesis price changed from 2 points down to 1 point. Also changed the way it works slightly. Nemesis is now a persistent power up until you beat your nemesis' points for the week. You may only select a nemesis once. IE. SylverFyst cannot pick me every week knowing that it's an easy 4 points.

- Double Points price changed to 5 points. Double Points can only be purchased a total of 2 times (does not include pre patch purchases). Double Points power up is applied only to the points that you earn yourself. As in, points given to you via You Have My Axe do not gain this power up. Double Points does not stack with Dirty Rotten Scoundrel.


- The Wolf of Wall Street changed. Your savings account now has interest applied to it at the following rate (values are total value of your 1 point after that many weeks).

1 week: 2 points

2 weeks: 3 points

3 weeks: 5 points

4 weeks: 8 points

5 weeks: 10 points

6 weeks: 15 points

You may leave your 1 point in for as long as you wish, but you can only invest 1 point at a time (no stacking of the power up).


- Team Power Up Prices have been increased dramatically. This was an oversight on my part as I imagined the price values for teams of 4 originally. As there are teams of 12 I have thus increased the points needed for each power up by 3 fold.

- SylverFyst Sprints price reduced to 20 points.

- Power in Numbers price reduced to 15 points.

- Added a Rules section to the Strategy Cheat Sheet. Hopefully this should clear up any remaining confusion.


-From now on all updates will go to linked Strategy Cheat Sheet pages. Do not use original rule set, or power up list as it will not be current.

- Added Odin and Tommy MF Pickles to the Villains Team (Welcome!)

- Added Odin and Tommy MF Pickles to the stats sheet

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