I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!


  • ?Kidechkalaugh - Changed to remove the part about only targeting a person once per game.
  • Hibernate - changed so that you cannot buy any additional upgrades this week from previously allowing you to buy 1 additional.
  • Eyeroll - removed the totally arbitrary and nonsensical way this was used wherein you would hold on to the 5 points for a full week before using them. I’m not sure of my intention there. Just use the points the week you buy the power up.
  • Silence - Lowered the price of silence to 1 point from 2

New Stuff


  • Wanna Bet? (1 point) - Pick a player on the opposing team and pick a number of points you think they will get by the end of the week. If you are within 3 points of the correct answer, you get 5 points. Nior threw the cards at the mirror sulkily. “I’ll NEVER be Chris Angel”
  • Double or Nothing (5 points*) - If you correctly guess someone’s point amount with Wanna Bet? you have the option to attempt a second week on the same person. If you guess correctly again you get 15 points. Sliding his card to the edge of the table, a slight smile on his lips, Nior spoke, “I fold.” damn.
  • Nemesis (1 point) - Pick someone on the opposite team who was within 4 points of your last weeks score. If you score more points this week than them, gain 5 points. Kluge grinned, “I’m back from Mordor and better than ever!”


  • Heist (2 points) - Copy the pre upgrade point value from someone on the opposing team and replace one of your own point values with it. The replaced value must be higher than 1. StygianKnight crept into the kitchen. Tonight was the night. Those cookies were his.


  • Long Arm of the Law (1 point) - Anyone trying to use heist on you is blocked and also loses 1 point. Masena laughed as he watched StygianKnight blunder around the kitchen completely unaware that the cookies weren’t even there.

Misc (added to bottom of upgrades page)

Upgrades cannot be stacked on the same person, or on the same day. You can use different upgrade debuffs on the same person but you cannot have your whole team buy HGR and use it on one person, for example. You also cannot target someone on a day when they’ve already been targeted negatively by someone else on your team.


Unless an upgrade specifically says so, you can only purchase one of each upgrade (no stacking chairdance for example) each week.

Upgrades that target someone for an entire week or are non -day specific, must be used prior to Monday night at 9 pm EST.


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