I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Wednesday Patch Notes: 1/22/14

It's a biggie.

  • Slowly adding Magic type cards for each of the power ups. Slow going and I'm holding off on the Team power ups until they've been reworked.
  • Balance issues - added several power ups that will only help those logging under ~20ish points.
  • Power Ups-Power Ups are now Grouped according to purpose: Buff, Debuff, Counter
  • The stats page has a glorious new look and host: http://runclub.thelogicunit.com everyone thank Ramen for hosting and hell, pretty much reworking the entire first go I had at web design. Props to nanttene to steering me in a direction as well.
  • New Rule: Max of 6 individual Power ups/person. This includes counters. Plan your weeks wisely! I AM MEDDLING. I CANT HELP IT! This one is mostly to help me because I don't want to sit there messing with the stats page for ten hours on Sunday. If this is too much, then let me know and I'll remove it.

Individual Power Ups

  • Change The Wolf of Wall Street to The Walf of Wall Street
  • Dopplegangland (5 points): Copy one of your runs onto the lowest run of someone else for this week. Dopplegangland is pre-points multiplier value (ie. if 2x points is used and you get 24 points, 12 points would be the copied value). The run that it is copied ON to must be higher than 2. And when you gaze long into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you.(IB)
  • Aces Wild (2 points): If you get a total of 21 points for the week, you can add 5 points to any player of your choice including yourself. Oh don't worry. He may be a vain, selfish, lying, and quite possibly alcoholic man-whore, but gambling is one vice Sterling doesn't have.(IB)
  • Creator's Curse (1 point): Create a game on TAY and then meddle with it until everyone is ready to kill you. (just kill me)
  • Bank Robbery (10 points): Steal 5 points from a player's banked points on the other team that has met their level goal. This cannot reduce their overall balance to 0 and cannot be used on the 3 lowest scoring members of the team. Points are removed from the previous week's banked points - does not affect this week's points. (IDB)
  • Heist (10 points): If you score double the points of your nemesis, take 10 points from them if they have scored over 20 points. Otherwise the purchase price of Heist is returned to you and you are awarded 5 points. (IDB)
  • Drafting (5 points): Take the highest run from one player on the opposing team and replace your lowest point value with it. Drafting is pre-points multiplier value. The run that is replaced must be higher than 2. (IB)
  • Redundancy Check (5 points): Take your lowest point value of at least 4 or over and replace one run of an opponent. Replaced run cannot be over 10 points. (IDB)
  • I'm in the Lead! (15 points): If your point value for the week is more than 2x that of the next highest person, give 10 points to three players of your choice. (IB)
  • Crash and Burn (2 points): If your point total for the week is under 20 points, give yourself 5 extra points. (IB)
  • Divine Aura (7 points): For this week, the member above and below you on the spreadsheet get an extra 1 point to each of their runs. Can only affect a player once (no aura stacking). Also applies to yourself. (IB)
  • Lucky 7 (7 points): Change any 3 runs points with at least 3 points in them to 7 pointers. (IB)
  • Retreat (1 point): If you did not beat your nemesis the previous week, you may use 1 point to remove them as your nemesis. You may not pick a new nemesis this week. (IC)
  • Nach(o) Cheese (2 points): Protect against 1 power up: Drafting or Redundancy check. (IC)
  • Crack This (2 points): Protect against 1 power up: Bank Robbery or Heist (IC)
  • Snake in the Grass (5 points): Prevent any 1 player from using any 1 buff or counter: Lucky 7, Retreat, Crash and Burn, I'm in the Lead!, or Dopplegangland.
  • Ride together, Die together (4 points). Pick a runner from the other team. Mirror any and all power ups and debuffs that they have for this week. If you use Ride Together, Die together you may not use any other individual buffs/debuffs excluding Team Power Ups.

Team Power Ups

Major increase to prices across the board

Anne Robinson - reworked: Anne Robinson (45 points): The person on the opposing team with the lowest score must pick one person on your team to give 20 points to for the next week (cannot be used this week). These points are affected by positive buffs (ie, can be doubled), but not negative (cannot be halved). It almost seemed as if there were a mole, feeding the other team points.


- Dr. Furbario Strikes - reworked: Dr. Furbario Strikes (50 points): For every five points over the selected runner's goal, remove 1 point from every member of the team. Points for this power up refer to raw value points. Furby said, "Don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm...FEED ME FEED ME NUM NUM NUM"


SylverFyst Sprints - Sorry Fyst!

Added a bunch of individual counters (there will be no team counters)

You Jelly? (5 points) - Protect against 1 power up: Jolly Steel Boots of Doom Although it worked wonderfully for making the feet slippery, I could never find any other practical applications for it, and eventually I abandoned the patent.


42 (8 points) - Protect against 1 power up: Anne Robinson. The answer to life the universe and everything in it turned out not to be 42 - it did admirably as an answer for Anne though.

UI's Furby Trap (5 points) - Protect against 1 power up: Dr. Furbario Strikes. UI had been hunting Furbies for so long, it had become second nature.


In Neryl's Defense (10 points) - You can protect 1 person against any 1 power up debuff. Only 1 may be purchased per round. StygianKnight grinned and brandished his sword, "Come at me, bro!"

Swan's Way (5 points): Protect against 1 power up: Caltrops, Caltrops Everywhere. You don't wanna go that way, come this way instead!


Flashback Friday (5 points): Remove a debuff of your choice for this week. Next week you will be afflicted by a random team debuff. A hat in time saves nine.

OK I'm done meddling for now. I'm not going to add or change anything until next week and instead I'll spend my free time making cards


Keep in mind the one major gameplay shift is - individual counters. The rationale for this being we need people to burn points. There are just too many right now and 20 points to protect against 1 vs. 10-15 points/person to protect against a few should hopefully help with that.

I'll keep all patch notes here instead of posting them to TAY


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