I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Furby’s Fortune (3 Points): A random card is drawn from the tarot deck. Not only do you get your fortune, but depending on the suit you get:

Pentacles: Nothing, Wands: Give a team member 3 free points, Cups: Give yourself 4 points Swords: Remove 3 points from an opposing team member.

“Oh, The Tower! That’s a card that means... *rifles through book*....Oh. Bad News.”

Crash and Burn (2 points): If your point total for the week you purchase Crash and Burn on, ends up being under 10 points, give yourself 4 extra points. His plan to run TAY into the ground did not go entirely as he had predicted.

Aces Wild (4 points): If you get a total of 21.x points for the week, you can add 7 points to any player not in the top 2 on your team. Oh don’t worry. He may be a vain, selfish, lying, and quite possibly alcoholic man-whore, but gambling is one vice Sterling doesn’t have.

Nemesis (1 point). Assign yourself a nemesis. If you beat the pre power up, absolute value of your nemesis’ points, you earn 4 points. If you do not beat your nemesis, nothing happens. You can only pick a person to be your nemesis once per game. Aikage frantically tried to get Quiddity senpai to notice him.

Minute Maid (x points): Pick a person on your team to buddy with for one day. On that day, your total points becomes the sum total of your points.

The cost of Minute Maid depends on the amount of points the person logged the week before:

> 20 Minute Maid costs 10 points

10-20 Minute Maid costs 4 points.

< 10 Minute maid costs 1 point

Minute Maid can only be purchased by ONE person, per team, per week.




Maid Nine, Best Maid (2 points): The combined total of a target Minute Maid becomes worth 75% of the total value. 3 out of 4 TAYers agree, Maid 9 is the best maid.

Pacifist (1 point)*: Add a comment in the sheet to your name with the name of an opposing player. If that player picks you as a nemesis and wins, you both get the 4 points.

* Pacifist is a permanent counter (does not expire upon week’s end) until that person has chosen you as a nemesis and then it is lost. Alternatively another 1 point can be spent to change the opposing player.

Sulfy didn’t believe in fighting... just cheating, and lying, and maybe a sucker punch here and there.


Weekly Bonus

3 Points (3 available): A color and role of your choosing on the TAY Discord. Role will be displayed separately from other roles and positioned above the “active” role.


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