I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Be the team with the most points after eight weeks of exercise


The reward here is physical fitness and the fun of run club!

OK the winning team gets a pizza party. Happy?

What’s Exercise?

Exercise for the purpose of this game is activity that is above and beyond your day to day that is done with the intent to further your physical fitness.


This means that you can’t count walking to class from your car if it’s something you usually do, but you CAN count walking to your class from your car if it’s something you started doing since the beginning of run club. It’s subtle.

It’s an honor system. You know when you’re doing exercise and you know when you’re just trying to game the system.


Points are gained at a rate of

  • 1 per 10 minutes of exercise for the first 10 points.
  • 1 per 12 minutes for points 11 to 20.
  • 1 per 15 minutes thereafter.

The increase goes into affect the next time you log points after you go over a threshold. So if you run 15 miles, you would log 15 points and you begin logging points at 12 min /point starting the next time you log points.


Using Points

You can buy power ups at any time during the week although their effectiveness will decrease substantially as days go on because they expire on Saturday at 11:59pm. For this reason it is best to get your purchases in on Sunday to maximize the effectiveness of your buffs.


Power Ups

  • Power ups are purchased using points and will come in one of three flavors: buff, counter, or debuff
  • Buffs will benefit you or a teammate in some way
  • Debuffs will hinder an opposing teammate
  • Counters will lower or negate the effectiveness of debuffs or amplify the effectiveness of buffs
  • Careful planning with your team will help maximize your points.
  • I will add additional power ups (few per week) on Friday or Saturday but can be whenever.
  • There will be week specific one available Power Ups good for Real World Goods such as PC games or T-Shirts or an autographed washcloth (gently used). Once one of these items is purchased it is gone permanently from the store.

Typical week

Sunday: Buy power ups, begin logging your points

Monday -> Saturday: Log Points on the spreadsheet. Use your power ups as described on the power ups post (not yet made, you’re not missing anything.) Buy and use any power ups you forgot to buy or wish to buy during the week.

Illustration for article titled TAY Run Club: Rules Post

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