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TAY RUN Club Season 1.5 Free Week and Updated Rules

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You there, yes you. Remember about a week ago when you signed up to be part of Run
Club Season 1.5?


Well, time to put your running where your mouth is.

This week we're going to have the usual Free week. Just log your points as normal. Might wanna bookmark this site, to help with the logging of points. Try to run as much as you think you'll run on average as I'll assign teams based on the outcome of this week. If you can't run this week then let me know on average how many miles you think you'll be running.


Updated Rules, read carefully:

The point of run club is to lead your team to victory. The team with the highest points/team member (averaged) wins! Last time I let people pick teams and that was a disaster as the poor, downtrodden villains got rolled. This time, I'm using the data from the free week(s) to assign people to teams.


So if the objective is to have a lot of points how do you get points? PLEASE READ THIS SECTION AS IT HAS CHANGED FROM LAST SEASON.

To get points

1. Distance: Anything that can be quantified by distance gives you 1 point for every mile. You cannot use the time requirement for distance based activities.


2. Time: If you are lifting weights or jumping rope or something where the distance requirement would be difficult to quantify use the metric 15 minutes = 1 point.

Only log points for your longest prolonged activity of the day. If you go for a 15 minute walk outside, and then later in the day go running for 2 miles, only count the 2 mile, 2 points.


OK. So now that you ran, now what? Well, you log your points each time you do an activity into "The Spreadsheet (tm)". At the end of the week you can round your points up.

Each week you will have a "Level Goal" assigned to you. This level goal is a goal that you must exceed before you can proceed to the next "level." If your team members cannot all meet their level goal then you must repeat the level. Each person will have a randomly assigned level goal that will be posted on Sunday mornings.



Sundays are important days. Your level goals are posted. You also have to update with your team captain which power ups you want to use. We previously used Skype and it worked fairly well for communication. We could switch to the IRC if it's easier for people. It is TBA I guess.


If you do not update with your team captain which power ups you want to use by 9 pm Sunday night, you will not get the opportunity to use power ups for that week.

Power ups are bought with the previous week's points, which is why we're having a free week(s) - so you can get a few points to use in the official Week 1.


Power Ups

Here's where things get tricky.

You can spend your points on Power Ups to help you get more points, or to try to ruin someone's day on the other team. The full list of Power Ups is found on the Cheat Sheet. If I make any changes to the rules or the power ups (which I can guarantee that once the game gets started I will - I CANT STOP MESSING) I will make a "Wednesday Patch Notes" post where I notify the TAY Clubbies of any price changes.


OK so just to try to make things more confusing for the sake of less confusing:

An example week.

I run 3 miles a day on M/W/F. My level goal is 2. That means that for that week I have a total of (9 points - 2 points) 7 points. Sunday rolls around. I tell my team captain I want to buy Power up X for 5 points. My team captain says, "OK" and then deducts 5 points from my total leaving me with 2 points left over. Now next week I will have 2 points to start me off towards my level goal. If my level goal for the next week is 3, then I only need 1 more point to get me there.



Neryl: How long is this going to last?

Answer: 8 weeks not counting the 1st week.


  1. DamsonRhee
  2. SecretFurby
  3. Migaru
  4. SupremeEvan
  5. Barkspawn
  6. It's Dangerous To Go Alone
  7. Aestevalis
  8. StygianNaruto
  9. Nach
  10. Quiddity
  11. Morie
  12. Sauron's Cousin Vinny (I_Kluge)
  13. TheUnfathomableTruth
  14. John
  15. Novibear
  16. Timehacker
  17. LoserMLW

You can still sign up.

Log Points Here.

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