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TAY Run Club Season 1.5: All the information. (Rules/Power Ups/Pertinent info within)

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Teams are made! Now what?


  1. Aikage
  2. I_Kluge
  3. Morie
  4. Quiddity
  5. Migaru
  6. Timehacker
  7. SupremeEvan
  8. StygianKnight


  1. Nach
  2. TUT
  3. Barkspawn
  4. Aestevalis
  5. DamsonRhee
  6. Novi
  7. It'sDangerousToGoAlone
  8. John


To win the game you must finish all eight levels. If you finish all eight prior to the other team, then you are the winning team. If both teams finish on the same week then the total banked points of all team members will be compared. The team with the highest points wins.



Points are earned via:

  • Distance! Distance takes priority over all other methods of getting points. 1 mile = 1 point. If you can quantify via distance you must use distance.
  • Time: 15 minutes = 1 point. Only if you absolutely cannot quantify an exercise via distance. Be realistic - if you go to play tennis and spend half the time on a bench drinking water, only count the time you are up running around.
  • Donations: Members of your team can give you points from their points. This is applicable ONLY to help team mates reach their level goal. For example - if I have a level goal of 5 and only run 3 miles, someone can give me 2 extra points. They cannot give me 3 extra points. Donations can be split between two or more people but must be a whole number, ie. 2 people can donate 1 point each to me, but 3 people cannot donate 0.66 repeating points to me.


Brief Overview

Sunday morning of each week, level goals will be posted. A level goal is the number of points that must be obtained in order to pass the level.


On Sunday, banked points from the previous week may be used to purchase power ups or to give to other players who did not meet their level goal. Sunday is an important day and it is vital to get in touch with your team captain if only to tell them which power up you want to use.

Stats are posted for informational/planning purposes around 9 pm on Sunday. This page contains who is using which power up, who has claimed who as a nemesis, who has how many points, etc. You must tell your team captain which power ups you want to use by 9 pm Sunday night. If you do not tell your team captain by that time you will not be able to use power ups for that week.


Throughout the week, log points into the spreadsheet for your current week. The Spreadsheet (tm) will automatically populate your total banked points, how many you've earned that week, and some other useful information. It's worth looking at it to see what's going on, beyond just entering points.

All points must be entered into the spreadsheet by Saturday night. It's an honor system so don't go mucking about. I've got my eye on you.



  • Points can be given to other players on Sunday to help them reach their level goal. If a member of your team is going to be out and doesn't want to use the Opt Out power up - you can run double for you and them instead.
  • The game is biased towards runners. The farther you run, the more points you're going to get.
  • Patch note changes go into play the week after they are posted. ie. If I change how Power up X works, and you're using power up X for THIS WEEK, it will have no effect on you unless you buy the power up again for the following week.
  • Team Power ups can be used by pooling points from many members.
  • I'm (Aikage), always around on Steam or I try to be on Skype to answer any questions you may have or to give suggestions to. My Skype name is Issiyo.

Important days

SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY! - you must check in with your team captain on Sunday.

SATURDAY SATURDAY SATURDAY - log your points prior to Sunday!

Wednesday - Patch notes released.

Power Ups

Unlike last Season, Power ups will be unlocked as levels are beaten. (This way there's no abuse of something like Double Points at level 1, and it's easier to tweak)


So for Level 1 the available Power Ups are:

Individual Power Ups

Furby's Fortune (3 Points): A random card is drawn from the tarot deck. Not only do you get your fortune, but depending on the suit you get:

Pentacles: Nothing, Wands: Give a team member 3 free points, Cups: Give yourself 4 points Swords: Remove 3 points from an opposing team member


"Oh, The Tower! That's a card that means... *rifles through book*....Oh. Bad News."

Nemesis (1 point). Assign yourself a nemesis. If you beat the pre power up, absolute value of your nemesis' points, you earn 4 points. If you do not beat your nemesis, they remain your nemesis until you are able to beat them. You can only pick a person to be your nemesis once per game. "Migaru glared at the Sunny D. The Sunny D stared right back. One thing was for certain - only one of them was getting out of this alive."


Redundancy Check (5 points): Take your lowest point value of at least 2 or over and replace one run of an opponent. Replaced run cannot be over 20 points. Redundancy Check affects the pre points modified value of the run - ie. a 20 point run with Double Points to make it 40 points is fair game for Redundancy Check. "Unimplied is hacking. A Gibson. He gets in. Using GOD as a password."

Crash and Burn (2 points): If your point total for the week is under 10 points, give yourself 4 extra points. His plan to run TAY into the ground did not go entirely as he had predicted.



Nach(o) Cheese (3 points): Protect yourself against 1 power up: Drafting or Redundancy check. Only 1 may be purchased at a time. Paula Deen threw as much boxed cake mix at Nach as she could, but somehow he was always one step ahead of her.


In Neryl's Defense (10 points) - You can protect 1 person against any 1 power up debuff. Only 1 may be purchased per round. StygianKnight grinned and brandished his sword, "Come at me, bro!"

Team Power Ups

Power in Numbers. (5 points) A Random Player from either team has their level goal + (100 * 0.x) for the week. Where X = the current level. Although TUT had heard that quality was valued over quantity, his demon army consistently proved that idea wrong.


New Power Ups will be added on Wednesdays in the Patch notes.

Level Goals

Week 1: 5, 6, 7

Week 2: 6, 8, 10

Week 3: 8, 9, 15

Week 4: 15, 17, 18

Week 5: 18, 18, 18

Week 6: 20, 24, 26

Week 7: 30, 35, 40

Week 8: 50, 50, 100

All of this information is available here or in the CHEAT SHEET in handy link format. I'd book mark one of these pages for reference.


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