I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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The creature gurgled pitifully as its head was separated from it’s body. Stepping over the body the warrior headed for the exit. Eyes scanning the empty rooms to either side, body tense.

The bard, finally realizing that the battle was over, stopped singing long enough to shout, “Where are you going?!”


The warrior turned, “I Know this creature. Tales from my grandfather speak of a time when a single member of this species almost tipped the balance of the War of Run Club. I go to seek my grandfather. Perhaps he can help us.”

The mage dusted off their sleeves and sighed, “Hrmmmm, I think it might be best if we equip ourselves prior to our adventure. You used your bare hands and I had only this broomstick as a surrogate wand.”

The Healer laughed. “It’ll be fine! You’ve got me! I’ll heal your wounds! LETS GO !!! Wooooooo”

The mage eyed the healer warily, “You’re bleeding.”

The four adventurers set out to the STORE

As they came out of the STORE a small green rectangle wearing a trenchcoat and fedora stopped them in their tracks.


“Excuse me gentlepeople,” it began, “I believe I am to place you under arrest!”

The healer stepped forward, “TAKE ME!!!!! TAKE ME!!!”

A broomstick came out of nowhere hitting the healer in the stomach, doubling them over.


The rectangle looked incredulously at the group, “Perhaps I am mistaken!” Then the little mechanical eyes settled on the bloodstained hands of the warrior. “Ah Ha! I have found you, the murderers from the inn. 17 people are dead and you are the prime suspects. Officer Tom, take them in for questioning.”

The little rectangle looked around but did not see his officer anywhere.

“Very well I believe I will take you in to custody. Prepare yourselves!”

Defend yourself!

Illustration for article titled TAY Run Club Season 2: Chapter 2
Tiny ComputerDamage
BMO Chop9
Damage TypePhysical
Hit Points35
Hit Points Left35
Damage ResistanceNone

Hey gang! Here we go, it’s for realsies now. Everyone go to the

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