I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

Please specify which team you would like to be on:

  1. Healer
  2. Mage
  3. Bard
  4. Warrior

Listed in order of commitment/difficulty. Warrior will need many points to attack so is for people who are running consistently each week. Bard is going going to be a little complicated and may require you to update things on a semi weekly basis. Mage is high damage low danger so you can get away with not running as much, Healer will be the class for people who aren’t sure if they’re going to stick with it and as such can accomodate more players than the other classes. My goal is 2-4 Warriors, 1-3 bards, 1-3 Mages, and 3-6 Healers.


I may or may not, once people have signed up for a class, cross section the classes to make new teams - of 1 warrior, 1 mage, 1 bard, and 1 healer to add a slight competitive bent to the game.

But step 1 is sign up for what class you want.

Some More information about how the game will work (spitballing, I’ll make an official rule sheet eventually)

1. Only mages and Warriors can damage enemies. Bard and Healer cannot.

2. Each run is an “attack” Warriors start out with a 1:1 ratio of damage to “points earned per run” Mages start out with 1/2 damage but can focus their attacks (ie. Turn two runs into 1 attack). Also their spells eventually will do high damage. In this way, Warriors favor someone who does frequent, long distance, or heavy workouts.

3. After an attack is made, the monster, if not killed, will counterattack for some damage. Monsters have different attacks. Damage to a Warrior is 1/2 for physical, 2x damage taken for magical. Damage to Mages is 1:1 for physical, and robes can be bought that will mitigate spell damage to make it 1/2.

4. A monster attack will hit all players.

5. Healers use their points to keep everyone alive. They will have two different types of healing spells. 1. Healing over time (x HP regen per real life day), OR Burst heal (heal X damage immediately). Healers also get, later game, spells which


6. Bards use their points to Buff/Debuff heroes and monsters. Spells they get will give heroes bonus physical or magical damage (extra points on runs) either to a specific hero or a group, they can also enchant weapons, changing warriors physical attacks to magical. Finally they can debuff monsters, removing some damage or changing damage type, or lowering a monster’s defense.

7. For the first round or two I think we’ll just do one monster, but later groups of 2 or more may attack. Any attack that goes over a monster’s HP will not count towards the next monster. In this way more strategy and communication will be needed. I hope that by keeping the teams small communication won’t be a huge problem. You can have a Skype group and keep in constant contact pretty easily.


8. Gold/Shop. After a monster is killed Gold is dispensed. I’m not doing XP and gold - too complicated. The store is open most of the week, but you cannot retroactively use things you buy from the store. IE. if a warrior attack does 7 damage, and the next day you buy a club which gives you +3, the bonus only applies to subsequent attacks. Each person can buy 1 item from the store per week. Supplies are limited and this makes it somewhat ...interesting if we do teams. Ie. If team 1 healer buys the AOE spell, team 2 cannot and will have to pick a different healing spell.

9. How to handle shop: Either I do it, or someone else volunteers to handle the shop. If someone wants to volunteer you don’t have to be running. But you do need to be able to see how much gold people are getting and adjust the prices so that it’s not easy to get lvl 190238 items the first week. Alternatively you could just have a small batch of items for sale week 1, and expand inventory (Probably how I’ll do it if I end up being shopkeeper).


10. Spells. Spells will be handled FF 1 style. You can cast a spell once per week and then it is unusable until the next week. Mages start off with no spells and only a basic “magic missile” attack.

Current Players (Sign up Deadline is May 23rd)


  • RerTV
  • SupremeEvan
  • DeadEcho
  • Stormborn


  • AlmightyDuke
  • StygianKnight
  • Unimplied


  • PyramidHeadCrab
  • Barkspawn
  • Quiddity


  • Time hacker
  • Novibear
  • Datacide
  • Walfisch


  • I Kluge
  • Sylverfyst
  • Aikage
  • JpSr338
  • Ravenwest

Older Information

Semi Concrete

Start Date/End Date: May 31st - July 18th

Why is there an extra week? We’ll have a one week calibration week where everyone runs and we get an idea of how much people run in a week. Don’t cheat here, you’re only hurting....everyone. But especially me.


Why so far away? I am currently sick, then I have a conference to attend for work in Denver, then I have to prepare for a wedding. In between I have to come up with a loose framework for the game.

What Exercise is Allowed? Any for now. I’d like to use an app to translate fitness into points (maybe we can use calories burned?).


Why Run Club then? Exercise Club sounds lame. dealwithit.gif

Communication. As much as I really don’t like the program, we will be using Skype for communication. Please put your Skype name in this secret file.


Will it be a competition or a cooperative game? Previously it was purely competitive. I feel it did a pretty good job of motivating but also led to tension. This season will be cooperative, or PvE with some elements of inter/intra team tomfoolery.

That made no sense. I’ve got a rough idea of how I want this but I haven’t started putting pen to paper to finalize the rules as of yet.


So what’s the general idea? To answer that let’s go to....


Team and game structure. Teams of 2-4. Each team represents a “class” and will have a subset of power ups to choose from. Ie. Healer class will put points towards holy attacks and heals. I’m not trying to re invent the wheel here, so the classes are going to be straightforward - Healer, Scout, Warrior, Bard (support spells), Mage. Maybe the type of exercise will determine how the points can be spent. Ie. Attacks can only be weightlifting, spells can be cast with team sports based point, and songs, movement can be purchased with running/other cardio???


Each Week the intrepid adventurers of Run Club will have a certain number of enemies to face within the context of some overarching story that I’ll pull out of my ass lovingly create for you. Each action takes a number of points in and of itself (ie. move? attack, item, spell, sing a song). Learning new abilities will cost more points.

At some point I may actually design a board for visualization purposes, or may just scrap movement as it seems like I might need to KISS this first round.


Keep in mind this is an all new idea and thusly there WILL BE BUGS. I will make mistakes. You will make mistakes. We’ll all cry about them together as one.


“I joined TAY when Run Club 1.0 was starting, there I made a good friend in form of a furby, which is also a Nazi when you are on his team for whatever. I was going through such a hard time, that I thought I would be going back to drugs and crazy ass life. BUT NO, by using the power of TAY Therapy I was able to come from the black hole, smile and take an unexpected turn in life that helped me not destroy myself again.”



Please Note: I appreciate help, and if you want to suggest fitness apps or ideas for gameplay just leave them in the comments below. Keep in mind that the app has to turn your exercise into a quantifiable metric that can be compared to other non similar exercises. That’s the hard part. Obviously the common denominator is “calories burned” but that’s a tricky metric that might not be very reliable. I know that Achievemint (https://www.achievemint.com/) might be something worth looking into, but it’d require everyone to sign up. It gives you points based on your goals.

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