Ahoy guys! My running shoes are staring at me. Peering into my soul. "Why haven't we gone traipsing through the puddles?" they ask me.

And I ask you, "Who is Kotaku's sexiest subblog?!* Animal Crossing and Watchlist have NOTHING on us!"


So really, I need to start putting pen to paper and getting some concrete details down. First up, who is actually interested? If you're interested leave your name, number and a brief exact GPS coordinates where I can visit below.

We're going to try to do an RPG-esque theme this time. It's going to be complicated. It's going to be scary. There will be mild PvP maybe, but overall this is a Co-op game.

Basic Game Outline

We roll a class, we run, we fight monsters, there's a shop to buy things, every so often there are "boss monsters" where everyone must combine their efforts to take him down. There may or may not be some loose outline of a story depending on if anyone wants that.


Obviously, this is a lot of work. I think once we actually get started it might not be so bad, but there's going to be a lot of prelim work that I would need assistance with. So if you wanna help, here are things I need help with:


I'm mostly going to go through this with probably I_Kluge (congratulations, I volunteered you!) But I can always use people to help tell me how terrible my ideas are :D. This group is going to basically hammer out details regarding how the game works. What are points used for? Are points used like money, or are points attack power, or are points a magical energy source that can be used to summon Cthulu? Are we doing Experience points and levels or do we use gold and items as a sort of surrogate xp, or do we use points as something akin to XP? How many weeks are we doing this? THE SPREADSHEET?



Basic stats, gold/exp drops, if you're feeling plucky, pictures (maybe we can just battle pokemon...). Monster difficulty should ideally scale as the weeks go on.



This one is a biggie. Need to create item lists appropriate to the week/exp/level of the characters. With new items on a semi regular basis. If we pre plan this we won't need a shopkeeper. Otherwise my thought was that someone either running or not could be full time shopkeeper and keep certain "hours" throughout the week that they're open to buy stuff.


Item ideas: Magic spells (1 time use? permanent? How do they work?) Health items (revive dead allies, heal X HP), Buffs/debuff items (Bonus to attack damage per ???encounter? week? usable? passive?)


I'm thinking this MAY be optional. But if enough people show interest or if anyone has their heart set - which classes? What bonuses do they grant? What disadvantages are inherent in each class.


I think that's a good enough place to start. I'm just gauging community interest at this point. If no one is interested or we wanna just do it how we did it last time with some tweaks to the formula, I'm open to not doing it, or adjusting accordingly.

I'll be using the tag Run Club2 (how original) for any articles pertaining to season 2 of Run Club.


*discounting cosplay of course, who can compete with that?