TAY Run Club Season 1.5 had ended. The war between Plusle and Minum had led to many battles with casualties on both sides. In the end, Florida Man led a final surge to strike at the heart of Kluge’s sons of Mordor. Crippled and defeated, the Minum army had retreated to lick their wounds.

Time passed.

The hero Florida Man had children. His children had children. Tales of bravery went forgotten as younger generations left home to forge their own destinies. The heroes’ blood ran thin. However Minum had not been sleeping all this while. While the armies of Mordor had been dealt a fatal blow, not all who dwelt within Minum were ready to admit defeat.

There were rumbles that one of the legends of Season 1.5, a mischievous Furby had found a way to conjure dark magics. To subvert death itself. There were rumors that he had discovered...THE FURBINOMICON. However, for decades they remained nothing but gossip, whispers on the wind, until...

After coming in from adventuring, you and your mates, the long lost progeny of those great heroes of old (and some timeless veterans), lay down for the night at UI’s Sleeping Emporium (all beds bed bug free guaranteed or your money back, can be purchased on layaway!) There you rest, your eyes slowly closing until you realize that things have gone quiet elsewhere in the Emporium. The raucous sound of sleeping denizens has been silenced. In its place there is only one sound.


You brandish your weapons and hardly have time to survey the blood and bits of bone that are leaking out from surrounding doors before it attacks!


Song of His People7
Damage TypePhysical
Hit Points25



OK! Here we go guys! The official Unofficial start to Run Club Season 2! This first week is a bit of a calibration week. So I intentionally started everyone off with only one or two spells so everyone can get a feel for how the game plays before I add in more stuff. Also I wanted to see how easily/difficult people would kill their monsters.


So, without further ado, Attack!

PS. I promise I’m not going to do a run club post every day, or bump every day! Just want a final reminder this week!