I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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A few new rules and changes before I dive in

Please Read:

  • If you fail to kill the monster you receive half gold, and the monster for the next week has 20% less HP. Like the enraged monster, this is stackable - if you fail again it will have 40% less HP the next week.
  • Mage - Kablam has been buffed
  • Focus - Instead of losing excess focus points from casting spells, these points are carried over as normal. For example if a spell costs 4 focus and you log 8 focus points, 4 points are used to cast the spell and 4 are carried over as pure damage
  • Store - the store now increases inventory based on how much money it has received. This information is found on the “receipts” page inside the store. You can track progress there. Last week’s is here.
  • Store - Place order on the receipts page now. Not everyone is using skype regularly but most people are on TAY so just use the receipts page inside the store and reply with your order. It will also help in tracking gold spent and also with the First Come First Served rule (timestamps so there’s no ambiguity).
  • Store - USE THE STORE. People should not have been dying last week as potions are just about the most rigged item in the game. I was all set to change the price but hardly anyone bought one so until they’re being abused, I’ll just keep the store prices as they are.
  • You can give gold to teammates if you want. Just subtract the appropriate amount from your gold and add it to a teammate.
  • Not a change but: If the monster is dead, don’t worry about teammates dying. It’s a product of my crappy programming spreadsheet skills that you will still “die” and the monster will “attack” from the grave. Just don’t worry about it. I’ll see if i can fix that if I find time. Gotta work on nested if statements. Anyway! Just log points as normal - mage doesn’t need to do focus or 1/2 points due to MM or anything.
  • Minor - Please read here to find out how to RNG - there’s a link in Ye Olde Information Center too. This week there are a lot of spells/things that use a random number to determine success failure. Ex. RerTV has a warrior’s weapon which has a 20% chance to do magic damage upon attack.
  • Minor - keep your eyes peeled for flash sales throughout the week for stuff! Also there are contests on Skype for discounts at the store. Staying active on Skype is a great way to get cheap merchandise!

Story Time

The Small Green Computer slowly closed his eyes forever. “Goodbye Lorraine,” it gasped and then his screen went dark. A cat sauntered over and began to lick the lifeless corpse.


With the police out of their hair, the band of adventurers decided to make their way out of the town and journey to the Warrior’s grandfather’s house, seeking information about the vile Furbinomicon and the Furby that controlled it. For days the adventurers braved harsh winds and increasingly cold conditions.

“Are we there yet?” Asked the healer.

“That’s the tenth time you’ve asked that this hour,” the mage said, visibly irritated. She cast a glance over her shoulder. With the snow coming down like it was she could hardly see two feet in front of her face.


“Quiet,” the warrior said, her voice tense, “Something’s not right. Grandfather’s house is just over that ridge. I should have seen traps, hidden but visible to me. I should smell smoke from the fire in his hearth. There is nothing though.”

The Bard scoffed, balefully shaking wet snow from his finely embroidered silks, “Maybe grandfather went for a stroll.”


The warrior cast him a warning glance.

The group trudged through the snow again, cresting the final ridge. Below them lay a flat stretch of land upon which a single simple hut could be seen. No smoke rose from it’s chimney.


The healer threw himself into the snow and began to log roll down the hill shouting gleefully all the while. First to the door, he opened it with a crash.

The Bard began to pluck nervously at his lute.

“HELLLLOOOOOOOOOOO,” the healer shouted through the open door.

“QuarK!” Came a response.


The rest of the group quickly arrived to see the healer cuddling with a penguin. He had his arm around it and was whispering something unintelligible. Upon seeing the warrior the penguin became visibly agitated and threw the healer several feet, until he hit the side of the shack and landed with a thump.


The penguin charged at the warrior.

“I can smell sorcery here, something is not right. Get ready!”

Get Ready!

Mystical PenguinDamage
Damage TypePhysical
Hit Points35
Hit Points Left35
Damage ResistancePhysical

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