I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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No major changes this week so let’s dive it!

“Wait!” shouted the warrior. The bard stopped playing, the mage stopped focusing, and the healer stopped staring lewdly at the penguin’s flippers.


The penguin squawked on every exhale but otherwise made no move.

“Mage, can you cast a polymorph spell?”

“Not canonically, no, but for today, sure!”

The mage closed her eyes and sat in the snow. Muttering under her breath she brought her hands together as if she were praying. The air crackled with electricity for a moment and then everything was still. Suddenly the penguins beak was transformed into a human mouth. The mage opened her eyes and sighed.


“Close enough,”

The penguin glared at the mage. After a time, he spoke, “You are the worst, second rate, most useless, piece of magical trash I’ve ever seen.”


“A simple thanks would have sufficed.”

The penguin waddled over to the warrior and swatted her leg.

“You imbecile, can’t recognize your own grandfather?”

“Grandfather! Why were you attacking me though?”

“I was bored.”

“What happened to you?”

“I was sitting in my cabin, reminiscing about the good ole days, when these three weird things popped up and turned me into a penguin. Said they were practicing a spell to turn themselves into a Furby. I think they are groupies of Lord Furbamon, the master of the Furbrinomicon. “


“Lord Furbamon?!”

“Yes, it is he, the mischievous Furby who almost toppled Team Light in the first War of Run Club and also undermined the Plusle Army during the second War of Run Club.”


The healer gasped. Everyone turned to look at him.

“You’re an OLD MAN?!” After several moments of confused silence he continued, “GREAT!”


Suddenly, a noise from behind the group made everyone turn. There, standing in the snow were three children. One was tall and wore dark glasses, one was short and round with a terrible haircut, and one was small but looked vicious and evil.

“Neigh, We are Lord Furbamon’s evil henchman!” The tall one spoke in a halting monotone.


The round boy elbowed the bespectacled one, “He doesn’t know that YET Tee’Nah! He won’t accept us unless we are like him. We have to perfect our spell first!”

The smaller, evil looking girl spoke, “You morons, why don’t you tell them our whole secret plan! That’s a good idea Right?! I should slap the stupid right out of you. Listen, grab that penguin and let’s dispose of this group of busybodies. We’ve got more experimenting to do!”


Mini Boss Madness!

Illustration for article titled TAY Run Club Season 2: Week 3

Damage TypePhysical
Hit Points30
Hit Points Left30
Damage ResistanceNone

* 2 =10
Damage TypeSpell
Hit Points20
Hit Points Left20
Damage ResistanceButts


Damage TypePhysical
Hit Points80
Hit Points Left80
Damage ResistanceSpell

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