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TAY Run Club Season 2: Week 7

As the little Furby slowly shrinks back to normal size he gasps, “Wait until midnight at the foot of Mount Furbamon. When the Swallow knocks three times the way will be revealed!”

So the group heads off to the foot of Mt. Furbmon, dodging mounted patrols along the way. Finally they arrive. After the swallow knocks three times a secret door is revealed. The group runs through corridors and hallways always climbing. Finally, they arrive!


“You’ve made it!” Lord Furbamon waits in his comfy chair, ready to tear into the group!


Lord FurbamonDamage
Ko Ko Way Lo17
Damage TypePhysical
Hit Points350
Hit Points Left350
Damage ResistanceNone
Way Lo Me May25%

PS. Sorry this is kind of lame for a finale, but it’s my birthday today so I didn’t want to spend too much time writing anything out!

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