I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Run Club Season 3 chatroom


If you want to do run club season 3 you NEED to plan on communicating with your partner. Find them in the Discord chatroom or find an alternate means of communicating but this season I will NOT be playing message man. Either you communicate or you lose, basically.


If you need help using discord (how to silence channels/set up notifications/etc) let me know and I will do my best (the #announcements channel has a link to frequently used commands/things to do).

Teams are as Follows:

Team 1

  1. xSpiegel
  2. RavenWest

Team 2

  1. Realm of Dartheon
  2. Bittersweetjesus

Team 3

  1. Division -Ten
  2. Division - Ten’s Roommate

Team 4

  1. Quiddity
  2. HyConner

Team 5

  1. Barkspawn
  2. Datacide

Team 6

  1. Aikage
  2. Kidechka

Team 7

  1. E1salvador
  2. Novibear

Team 8

  1. GranArcanum
  2. StygianKnight

Official Rules

GOAL: After 10 weeks be the team to have the largest collection of Nicholas Cage pictures.

You gain Nicholas Cage pictures by uncovering them. Each Nicholas Cage picture is covered by a grid of black color blocks. To remove one block, you must have points equal to the coordinates of that block.

Points are accumulated via running/walking/exercising. 12 minutes of ANY exercise is 1 point. 1 Mile of RUNNING is 1 point.


Points can not be combined unless a power up specifically lets you do so.

Power ups will be added in a week or so (or whenever I get the gumption). The announcement about power ups will be given via Discord, and in fact, most announcements will be given out via the #runclubannouncements channel. Check it from time to time.


Points will be logged on ....THE SPREADSHEET (TM) <include link here>. Highlight cells for the appropriate coordinates with the same color. So if team-member one runs 1 mile and team member 2 runs 2 miles (even if it’s a different day) and you wish to use those days to uncover (2, 1), just highlight both cells in the same color. You can use a note to keep track of it as well. Then tell me and I can remove the cell from the picture.

Points that are OVER the amount needed can be used as any value under what is needed but any remaining points are lost unless a power up allows you to save those points. (ie. 10 can be used to unlock an X coordinate of 3 but 7 points will be lost)


1 team member is X, 1 teammember is Y for each coordinate. This means that one person cannot carry the team completely. You must work together. You can be X on one coordinate and Y on the other, that doesn’t matter, but for each unlocked coordinate a y and x must come from different people.

Easy enough right?

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