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I'm really feeling it!
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TAY Run Club Season 3 Sign ups

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So judging from yesterday it seems there are enough people that are interested in playing Run Club Season 3.


General Outline:

  • Teams of Two! This way there’s less chance for dead weight.
  • The game will not be weekly like previous seasons, but rather a race to uncover the most pictures by the end of the season (haven’t decided on 8, 10, 12 weeks yet)
  • YOU DO NOT NEED TO RUN. Run Club is just the sort of ...brand name that I went with. It’s short and punchy. That said, as per previous seasons - 12 minutes of any exercise = 1 mile for the purposes of the game. REPEAT: YOU CAN DO ANY EXERCISE
  • The game will be formatted like the Nickelodean game Get The Picture where teams will run and exercise in an effort to uncover tiles on a picture of Nicholas Cage. Once the picture is completely uncovered they move on to the next picture. The first picture will be a 1 x 1 square, the next will be a 2 x 2. After that I will see how feasible things are in terms of going up to like....6 x 6.
  • In order to uncover squares in the grid, you have to have someone run or exercise for the X and Y coordinates. So for the first picture, both team members need to run 1 mile or do 12 minutes of exercise.
  • Points to use on power ups will be given based on the difficulty of the grid. To this end I am thinking of maybe allowing teams to pick the difficulty (within reason), knowing that lower sized grids will yield less points and they could get beat up by teams doing larger grids. We’ll see!
  • Sign up today! More details and rules will be hammered out in the week to come but I’d like to get this moving ASAP - hopefully we won’t run into too much snow before the game’s end.
  • I need a header image.

Current Teams

Team 1

  1. xSpiegel
  2. RavenWest

Team 2

  1. Realm of Dartheon

Team 3

  1. Division -Ten
  2. Division - Ten’s Roommate

Team 4

  1. Quiddity
  2. HyConner

Team 5

  1. Barkspawn
  2. Datacide

Team 6

  1. Aikage
  2. Kidechka

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