I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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First, how’s everyone enjoying Run Club season 3 so far? Anyone still confused on how to log points? Did everyone uncover picholas cage?


Some things to note:

If you can’t get on the spreadsheet it means I’m editing it. Try again in a few minutes.


If you don’t highlight your points/representative picture, I will not uncover it. I’m not going to play the game for anyone this time.

I’m changing the win conditions:

1. Whoever uncovers the most pictures (Picture cateogory)

2. The team with the most days of exercise logged where both teammates have logged points (Streak Category)


3. The team with the highest total point value (Hi-Score Category)

So there could be 3 separate winners (or one team could sweep all three awards). These are fancy awards. Made on paper plates and everything.


With that out of the way, our current winners in each category:

Picture Category

Aikechya/Dataspawn (2 pictures uncovered)

Streak Category

Aikechya (6 days)

Total Points

Dataspawn (77 points)

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