I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
Really all you have to do is not give up halfway through and you win!
Really all you have to do is not give up halfway through and you win!

Another ...few months, another run club. This time was pretty good comparitively (which really says a lot about previous run clubs.


As expected around week 5 everyone sort of gives up but surprisingly me team didn’t! Team Bear came out strong and finished it off with a consistent slow and steady, week by week point gain.

Things I’ve learned

  • 8 weeks might be too long? I’ve been toying with a 4 week run club and doing it more frequently.
  • Some people are very literal when it comes to the rules. I need to be 100% sure of my wording before I commit to pressing “publish” lest my vague-ness lead to people getting sore. This was actually a good thing! Silver linings and all that.
  • Nach and Kluge are not to be trusted. Did you guys know they signed up to play? Did you? I think kluge may have logged points once over the eight week period. Nach never so much as a peep!
  • Had some good talks with Ikalx about power ups and he’s not wrong that my power ups are all pretty similar. He had some great ideas and i’m excited for the next season where I can try to implement some of those.
  • Having other people be team captain can be a blessing or a curse. Novi really stepped it up and was a great team captain. Magpie was a good team captain too but she unexpectedly left not only the game, but the server around week 5 (following behind Rienier and Masena hence the rapid reduction in point gain for their team) which sort of left her team in the lurch. When the team captain flounces mid game it kind of ruins the whole thing. But when the team captain is engaged and talks with the team it really helps to keep morale up. In the past I had always done it such that all power ups went through me but this time it made it easier on myself and I, personally, had a better time by handing off team captain duties to others. I know that sounds pretty selfish but hey, if I don’t want to die at the end of one of my events, then there is a high liklihood I’ll want to do it again!
  • Lifting weights is scary. It’s still scary. I’ve been doing it for four weeks and I’m still intimidated by the guys in the gym who are deadlifting. Save me.

Thanks to everyone who played, and special thanks to:

Quiddity for logging points for once!

Novibear and Magpie for volunteering to be team captains.

Nior for taking over after Magpie left.

Datacide for being the nicest, most appreciative guy. I’m always glad when he shows up!


Offkilterpendulum, Amandageddon, and Ikalx for bearing with it all the way to the end! You’re awesome

Barkspawn for being a total Barkspawn about the whole thing.

Burt Reynolds for not dying falling down the stairs

RerTV for at least recognizing he was failing on twitter that one time :D

Kidechka for indulging me for yet another TAY event. You da bes. <3

Nach and Kluge for canceling each other out. Maybe not in the way I thought but hey, it worked.


And everyone else who played! It was fun and I can’t do these things without participation from you guys!

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