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Beat an ever increasingly difficult set of "levels" by using points to beat your personal level goal. Every person on your team must meet their level goal in order for the team to beat the level. The first team to beat level 8 wins. If both teams beat it at the same week, the team with the higher total points wins.



Level goals will be randomly decided on Sunday of that week by me and I will post them first thing Sunday morning to TAY. So let's say that the level goals for level 1 are; 1, 2, 3. If there are six people on the team, there will essentially be two people with 1 point needed to beat their level goal, two people with 2 points needed to beat their level goal, and two people with 3 points needed to beat their level goal. In order for the team to beat the level goal, ALL MEMBERS OF THE TEAM need to reach their level goal.


In order to reach your level goal you need to get points. Points are accrued, as of now by the formula of for every 1 mile walked/run you get one point or for every 10 minutes of exercise. You choose the formula which will give you the most points. So if you exercise for 30 minutes but only go 1 mile, you would get 3 points for the 30 minutes.

Now let's say your level goal is 10. You end up running 15 miles for the week. You now have 5 points extra that you can play with. Those points can be used to either: 1. bank - you can use the points towards next week's goal, or just save up for a rainy day. 2. used to help someone - if your teammates level goal was 15 and they only ran 10, you could use your 5 points to save them and thus advance your team to the next round. 3. Buy power ups. the power ups are listed on the rules page that I linked to at the end of this post.


Achievement stickers will be shown on the weekly roundups/data analysis posts that I will try to also get up by Sunday evenings, although these may be more of a Monday evening depending on how swamped I get. They also net you 1 bonus point.

Points need to be recorded using the Points Form. Points need to be added by 11:59pm on each Saturday as I will be tallying on Sunday. For simplicity sake and to help me - please only upload your scores once per week. If you don't it's not a huge deal, just more work for me D:


Please be honest. The overarching goal is to exercise, not win. The game is just to make it fun.

Level Goals

Level goals are points needed for each person to progress. These level goals start out simple and get increasingly difficult as time goes on. Thus careful banking of points, power up use, or social interaction to get people to help you, is required. A level goal can be used on more than one person depending on how many people are playing.


Level Goals: Very tentative, subject to change

Level 1: 1, 2, 3

Level 2: 2, 4, 6

Level 3: 3, 6, 9

Level 4: 5, 7, 10

Level 5: 7, 10, 13

Level 6: 8, 11, 15

Level 7: 4, 25, 26

Level 8: 26, 26, 26 Final Level

So for an example, John, Marth, and Mario are all running level 3. John gets the 3, Marth 6, and Mario 9. John runs 5 miles that week, Marth runs for 20 minutes, and Mario runs 11 miles. Mario and John can donate their excess points to Marth and continue to level 4.


Alternatively, they can opt to bank the extra points (2 points for each of them), and repeat the level. Each level can be repeated a maximum of 2 times for a total of 3 chances to complete. If a level is not completed in 3 tries, we all eat brownies and wait for death together in "TAY Brownie Club: The Fattening."

The benefit of repeating the level is that the points can be used for power ups to hopefully increase the total point yield.


Power Ups

Individual Power ups

If someone wants to draw beautiful TWEWY style pins for these, I'd give them an awkward hug and a pat on the back, the next time I saw them.


Double Points (3 points): The amount of points gained is doubled for a week.

Take a Snooze (1 point * Current level): Take off 1/4th your total goal.

You Have My Axe (2 points): For this week points given to a friend are doubled.

The Wolf of Wall Street (1 point): Add 2 points to your bank in a "savings" account. These points cannot be used this level. Can be used only once/level.


Dirty Rotten Scoundrel (2 points): You can "lie" about one run. Double points for any one run.

Opt - Out (3 points): You can opt out of this level (Can be used on any level but 8). You receive a 5 point penalty on the next level (5 points will be added to your random level goal).


Nemesis (2 points). Assign yourself a nemesis. If you beat that person's total points (not banked) for this week, you get 4 points.

Fire Power (1 point): Gain an extra point for every fire you set along your run

Team Powerups

As breaking SylverFysts kneecaps isn't possible, I figured, hey, why not make legitimate ways to sabotage the other team! Thus: Team Powerups were born. These power ups can be bought using combined extra points - ie. from multiple people. Individual power ups must be bought using your own points. I will make a separate thread with all powerups/achievements for reference by Sunday.


1. Dr. Furbario Strikes! (5 points) Remove all excess points from a player of your choice. The person will still pass the level but will have no extra points for banking for this week. (cannot be used retroactively)

2. You Spin Me Right Round. (5 points) Swap two people's level goal on the opposing team.


3. Like a Record Baby, Round Right Round. (5 points) Swap two people's level goal on your team.

4. Caltrops, Caltrops Everywhere. (6 points) Double a runners level goal for this week.


5. Steel Boots. (7 points) Opposing team earns points at half rate for the week.

6. Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself.(8 points) You make a deal with Lucifer and add a 0.25x multiplier to each players point total for this week. ie. 10 points becomes 12.5 points (10 + (10 * 0.25)


7. Power in Numbers. (8 points) A Random Player (drawn from a hat, literally) has their level goal switched to 100 * 0.x for the week. Where X = the current level.

8. SylverFyst Sprints. (10 points) Protect against 1 Team Powerup of your choice for the week.


9. That's Not Fair. (20 points) Both teams get the week off with no penalty.

I'll add more as I think of them, if you have any ideas let me know.


For performing certain actions, you can gain a bonus point. If any of our resident artists wanna make steam style achievement pictures for these, I'd give them a dollar.

  1. Doublemint: Run double the level goal for that week (unavailable level 1).
  2. Photo Finish: Post a picture to TAY of your unamused self crossing your "finish line"
  3. Bro, do you even run?: Share a funny story of something that happened on one of your runs.
  4. To the moon: Run a total of 10 miles
  5. To infinity and beyond: Run a total of 100 miles.
  6. Oh, the weather outside is frightful: Get caught in inclement weather, snowstorm, rainstorm, tsunami, etc.
  7. Fun with a purpose: Run to a set location in order to perform a task. ie. The store to buy something, a friend's house to hang out
  8. More....

I'll start recruiting all next week and we will start the week after. This gives everyone time to get some warm weather running gear if they plan on running outside as well make up their mind.


This is going to run for a minimum of 8 weeks, and I'm guessing it will probably be 8 weeks. 25 miles to run in a week is a lot but if we actually play the game I'm sure we'll be able to do it.

I'm going to use the tag "Run Club"

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