I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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OK. So we're doing teams because there are too many to just throw into one group. So far we have:

Villains/Team Awesome




Ellen J Miller



Morie - The Hidden Blade

Marsh Naylor (Welcome friendo!)


Walfisch, The Nightmare of Solomon


Light Brigade




General McFist (He breaks alphabetical order with his biceps, sorry!)


Neryl the Bouncy Walker





Sylverfyst (Who has already logged his max points for the week by Tuesday. FML)

and TheUnfathomableTruth

If you don't see your name up on the list and you want to participate let me know soon. Sign ups end Saturday at midnight. If anyone from LB is not dead set against flipping their team status, let me know, the teams are a little bit lopsided and I only need 1 or 2 to cross over. By the way, I'm your father, so you know, there's that.


Things I need

I need a little feedback. I'm not really too sure how to run this. I like to be independent and do everything myself but I don't know if that's really an option this go round as it's going to be tough to get everything analyzed, set up, etc. depending on how we do things.


From my perspective here are things I would like to do and we can talk about whether you guys think it's feasible or not:

1. For my part the thing I absolutely will do is Sunday morning, I will post the level goals for each person at 6:30 am. I will actually do it Saturday night and post early Sunday morning so that any early birds can have their goal before they go exercise.


2. I'd like both teams to have a way to talk to each other every Sunday to strategize. Maybe like an AIM chatroom you guys could talk about how you're going to play it for the week. Or, a TAY thread? I'm not sure, what do you guys think? Email? Whatsapp?

3. I'd like to do team captains - someone who represents their team to me. This person would be responsible for: Logging their team's points (and I'll tell you why this is a hassle in a second) informing me of who is going to use which power up for that week, and letting me know if their team passed the level or not/if they want to repeat this level/who is giving which points to whom. This is important as otherwise what I'm going to get is a giant spreadsheet with everyone's points. I'll have to go through and find out who is on which team, check against the level goal


4. I think it'd be cool if I could make an individual page for each runner, but the way Kinja works, this would be exceedingly difficult. Maybe everyone could maintain their own page? I don't know. Again, if anyone has ideas, let me know.

5. By Sunday night I will post another thread with stats: Total points for each team, how much each team has banked, who is running the farthest, stuff like that.


Team Powerups

As breaking SylverFysts kneecaps isn't possible, I figured, hey, why not make legitimate ways to sabotage the other team! Thus: Team Powerups were born. These power ups can be bought using combined extra points - ie. from multiple people. Individual power ups must be bought using your own points. I will make a separate thread with all powerups/achievements for reference by Sunday.


1. Dr. Furbario Strikes! (5 points) Remove all excess points from a player of your choice. The person will still pass the level but will have no extra points for banking for this week. (cannot be used retroactively)

2. You Spin Me Right Round. (5 points) Swap two people's level goal on the opposing team.


3. Like a Record Baby, Round Right Round. (5 points) Swap two people's level goal on your team.

4. Caltrops, Caltrops Everywhere. (6 points) Double a runners level goal for this week.


5. Steel Boots. (7 points) Opposing team earns points at half rate for the week.

6. Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself. (8 points) You make a deal with Lucifer and add a 0.25x multiplier to each players point total for this week. ie. 10 points becomes 12.5 points (10 + (10 * 0.25)


7. Power in Numbers. (8 points) A Random Player (drawn from a hat, literally) has their level goal switched to 100 * 0.x for the week. Where X = the current level.

8. SylverFyst Sprints. (10 points) Protect against 1 Team Powerup of your choice for the week.


9. That's Not Fair. (20 points) Both teams get the week off with no penalty.

Points logging

So again, for the rest of this week just log your points here.

If we can get captains I'd ask that they set up their own form, and then just send me an excel sheet to my email or send me the google docs link or something after they've consolidated points for each player. This will help with a lot of the legwork for me.


So points will be logged to your team captain in the future, and as soon as I get two team captains who will:

  1. Summarize strategy meetings: Who is using their points for what? Which power ups are in use for this week? etc.
  2. Monitor their own team points - set up a Google excel sheet (you can use a linked form if you want or not. whatever is easiest for you) and monitor player points - report to me each player's total by Saturday night at 11:59.

That's basically it....that I can think of right now. Again, still looking for anyone to make little buttons for each of the powerups. It's just a visual representation for the stats page on Sunday night. I'll list each player's name, powerups in use, any achievements earned, points banked, etc.

OK! Have at it. Thoughts, Suggestions, question, comments..



Preview the stats page here.


Yes. I'm aware. I need to figure out how to resize Marsh's and Stygian's head.

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