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I'm really feeling it!
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TAY Run Club: Wednesday Patch Notes

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Hello hello fellow Run Clubbers and welcome the first official TAY Run Club Season 1.5 Patch Notes!


Now that we have our Level Goals and you guys are hopefully getting the hang of things, let's introduce some changes to the game.

General/Rules Clarification

  • For the moment you can have a total of 3 power ups/week not including Team Powerups. 1 Team Powerup can be used per team/week. As time goes on more slots for powerups will be unlocked.
  • Reminder: You only count 1 exercise per day. If you Run 3 miles, and then do 15 minutes of pushups, you only count the 3 miles of running as points.
  • I have a webcam I will set up if anyone wants to do Furby Fortune - I swear I don't cheat but I'm willing to be very transparent about it (I realize Plushies got shafted a bit last week).
  • Nerfhammer: Time/Point increased to 20 minutes for 1 point from 15 minutes for 1 point.
  • If using time there is a max point value of 8 points possible per day..

Power Ups


  1. Taunt (1 point). Give someone 1 taunt token. Taunt tokens do nothing. Some men just wanted to watch the world burn. Kluge wanted more.
  2. Heist (7 points): If you score double the points of your nemesis, take 10 points from them if they have scored over 15 points. Otherwise the purchase price of Heist is returned to you and you are awarded 5 points. In addition to hacking time, he was also known as quite the thief, of the lady's hearts. And kidneys. They sold for good money on the black market.
  3. Take a Hike (3 points): Double points for any one run. To use, put ' = X * 2 in your day's cell where X = your distance that day. Despite TUT's violent behavior, the only thing he managed to break, was my heart.
  4. Audit (1 point): Pick one run from someone on the other team. If they can provide evidence of the run they are safe. If they do not, you get to swap one of your runs with theirs.Acceptable evidence: Screenshot of run route or app that has pertinent run data on it. John looked at his client over his glasses and sighed, "No. No it's not OK to claim your 401k as a dependent."
  5. The one exception to Audit is you cannot audit Aestevalis' Sat. baseball practice.


  1. Crack This (2 points): Protect yourself against 1 power up: Bank Robbery or Heist. Urilikya really needed that money to buy soda. He would have gotten away with it too if it weren't for those meddling kids.
  2. Retreat (1 point): If you did not beat your nemesis the previous week, you may use 1 point to remove them as your nemesis. Quiddity didn't see it as a loss - after all, what chance did he have versus a bear in the first place? It was more of a tactical pause.
  3. Swan's Way (5 points): Protect yourself against 1 power up: Caltrops, Caltrops Everywhere. You don't wanna go that way, come this way instead!

Team Power Ups

  1. Caltrops, Caltrops Everywhere. (30 points) Double a runners level goal for this week. The thing about leg injuries is they just seem to happen whenever - when you're walking home from school and you slip on ice, when you're on some boxes and you twist your ankle, or when Morie pops out from behind the bushes with a crowbar. You just never know.

Questions? Comments?

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