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TAY Run Club: Wednesday Patch Notes

Week 3 is halfway over everyone! Keep up the great work! Now that we're in the thick of things and everyone has hit a rythym let me ask, Are there any things you want? Things that are confusing? Things that you don't like?

Think of the patch notes as your way to give the game developer feedback!

For this week I am not going to change much, tweak a little bit, but not add in any new power ups yet.


Something I'd like to address is team meetings - PLEASE TRY TO AT LEAST PICK OUT YOUR OWN POWER UPS and let your team leader know. It's not really fun if you just say, "pick something for me." That makes me feel like no one is really interested in the "game aspect." and I should just do away with it altogether. SO, I'm not demanding or anything, just know that you hurt poor Furby's little heart to the point where he starts quoting Dashboard Confessional to Timehacker. (true story...sort of)


  • I'm not going to force anyone, yet, but please log your points the day you get them or by the day after.
  • Take a Hike can only be used on distance based runs. You can not use it on time based points. Take a Hike now has a maximum doubling amount of 10 points. *remember that patch notes go into effect starting NEXT week so for this week you can still use TAH on time points*
  • Increased the price of Aces Wild to 4 from 2
  • Modified the wording on Heist for clarity and added that it is pre power up point value:
  • Heist (7 points): If you score double the points of your nemesis, take 10 points from them if they have scored over 15 points. If they have scored under 15 points, the purchase price of Heist is returned to you and you are awarded 5 points. Heist is pre power up point value. In addition to hacking time, he was also known as quite the thief, of the lady's hearts. And kidneys. They sold for good money on the black market.
  • Increased the purchase price of Take a Hike to 4 from 3
  • Decreased the price of Redundancy check to 4 from 5.
  • Reworded In Neryl's Defense for Clarity
  • In Neryl's Defense (10 points) - You can counter any 1 power up or debuff for 1 person. Only 1 may be purchased per round. StygianKnight grinned and brandished his sword, "Come at me, bro!"
  • Decreased the purchase price of Flashback Friday from 5 to 2
  • Decreased the purchase price of Like a Record Baby, Round Right Round from 10 to 7
  • Points return to normal for the non - 50%'ers. Normal: 20 minutes = 1 point. Must use distance whenever possible. Max of 8 points for time based points.
  • Week 4 limits: Individual Power ups: 4 Team Power Ups: 1

So what do you think? Nerfed too hard? Buffed too much? Uninterested in the inner workings of the game? Just wanna flash dance? Let me have it!

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