I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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TAY Run Club: Wednesday Patch Notes (Week 4)

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Not much to say this week - remember to log your points within a day or so because I'm locking the spreadsheet as the days go by. After I post this I'm going to lock out Monday so make sure your points are in!



I will sort the power ups back to how they used to be - I got disorganized this season. Power ups will be sorted as (might take me a day):

  • Buffs
  • Debuffs
  • Counters
  • Team Power Ups

Sorry it's kind of just Individual vs. Team right now.

Power Up


Dopplegangland (5 points): Copy one of your runs onto the lowest run of someone else on your team for this week. Dopplegangland is pre power up modified points (ie. if Take a Hike is used on a 5 point run to make it 10, Dopplegangland would only be eligible to copy 5.). The run that it is copied ON to must be higher than 2. The run that is copied cannot be higher than 10. And when you gaze long into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you.


Drafting (7 points): Take the highest run from one player on the opposing team and replace your lowest point value with it. Drafting is used on pre power up modified points. The run that is replaced must be higher than 2. For example you run for 3 points one day. Player 2 runs for 15 points. After Drafting, your 3 points becomes 15 points and Player 2's remains 15 points. You do not swap the points. If you're headed to Novibear's Den, you're going to want to bring friends. Friends to leave behind as peace offerings.

I'm in the Lead! (15 points): If your point value for the week is more than 2x that of the next highest person, give 10 points to three players of your choice. Timehacker crossed the finish line with arms raised, shouting, "I won!" He was blissfully unaware that there was 1 more lap to go.



Snake in the Grass (5 points): Prevent any 1 player from using any 1 buff or counter: Lucky 7, Retreat, or Dopplegangland. Aestevalis, is that your.....snake?


Crowbar (7 points): Prevent any 1 player from using I'm in the Lead! Although she was out of the game, Neryl's sportsmanship lived on.


Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself. (38 points) You make a deal with Lucifer and add a 0.25x multiplier to each players point total for this week. ie. 10 points becomes 12.5 points (10 + (10 * 0.25) UI's emporium had been competing with LoserMLW's Bazaar for decades. Some say the customer was the real winner. The endless souls claimed in trade beg otherwise.

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