I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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A couple of last minute announcements before we start (if NOTHING ELSE make sure to read the “how to use power ups” section.

Spreadsheet stuff

  • You’ll notice that there are a few updates to the spreadsheet. If you need help keeping track of when to start logging at 12 min/point and when to log at 15 min/point there are now two columns that will give you a prompt. Ask “Do I log at 12 min/point” and then look at the yellow column for your name. If it says yes, then begin logging at 12/point.
  • Adding on to that, to help with the math so you don’t have to pull out a calculator there is now a helpful calculator inside the spreadsheet. Either at the bottom of the sheet or on a separate sheet labeled calculator. Pick either one, they both do the same thing. Enter your points or your distance, check off whether you’re doing 12 or 15 min/point and the calculator will give you the number of points to add to the sheet.

Rules clarification

  • To add to THAT - although it was not written in the rules previously, when you hit a 12 min/point tier, it also applies to distance. instead of 1 mile = 1 point, it is now 1.2 miles = 1 point or 1.5 miles = 1 point if you’re doing the math yourself.

How to use Power ups

  • Pick the power up you want to use from the list of them (Linked at the top of this post). These power ups are applied by you as a negative value to a day’s run. While a day can become negative by this, your overall points must remain above 0. **Note that we are clearing the slate from the calibration weeks so everyone starts at 0 points for week 1**
  • Right click the box and Insert note or Insert comment with an explanation (ex. Furby’s Fortune, 3 points)
  • If you target someone with a power up, it’s not required, but strongly encouraged that you TELL THEM. Ideally you’re on the discord and if not, here’s that link again. This is probably the easiest way to do this. Otherwise find them on TAY or make a comment to them on the sheet on their name.
  • If modification of points is required on the sheet it is imperative that you write out using “insert note” or “Insert comment” on the affected run: Original Points value + or - Modification = New value, Reason. So let’s say you gain 5 points from Furby’s fortune. Pick any run (let’s say it was a 3), insert comment: 3 + 5 = 8, Furby’s Fortune. Then change the original value in the sheet from a 3 to an 8. Not doing this is considered cheating.
  • For any questions, rule clarifications, or suggestions - ask me! I check kinja and I check discord frequently so i will respond to you relatively quick.

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