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TAY Run Club: Week 1 Level Goals

On Your Mark! Get Set! Go!

What is this?

Level goals are your own personal points goal for the week. Any points beyond your level goal can be stored and used for power ups, stored as points towards next week's level goal, or given to someone to help them reach their level goal. In order to proceed to the next level, your entire team must meet their level goals.


Don't forget to pick power ups to use for this week!

Team Minun

  • Aikage 7
  • I_Kluge 7
  • Morie 5
  • Quiddity 5
  • Migaru 5
  • Timehacker 6
  • SupremeEvan 6
  • StygianKnight 6

Team Plusle

  • Nach 6
  • TUT 6
  • Barkspawn 6
  • Aestevalis 7
  • DamsonRhee 5
  • Novi 5
  • It'sDangerousToGoAlone 5
  • John 7

Remember to bookmark the cheat sheet!


UPDATE: Because it's week 1 you still have until the end of the day today to get your power up requests in to Nach, Barkspawn or Morie, Aikage. Don't forget to log your points and have fun everyone. HAVE FUN OR ELSE.

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