I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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TAY Run Club: Week 2

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Goooood morning my fellow Run Clubbers. Week one has ended and so far the scores are:

Team Minum: 123.2

Team Plusle: 103.9

For week 1 Team Minum has pulled ahead but TUT is still mysteriously absent! Will his arrival on the scene shake things up? Will Itsdangeroustogoalonetakethis! ever get his head in the game?


Level Goals

  • Aikage 8
  • I_Kluge 8
  • Morie 10
  • Quiddity 6
  • Migaru 10
  • Timehacker 8
  • SupremeEvan 6
  • StygianKnight 6
  • Nach 10
  • TUT 6
  • Barkspawn 8
  • Aestevalis 6
  • DamsonRhee 8
  • Novi 10
  • Dangerous 6
  • John 8

A quick clarification on Audit - a person's run can only be audited once. The IRS doesn't come to your house after finding out you cheated on your taxes and audit you several more times to collect money. In the same vein, if Migaru audits Novibear and it turns out Novi's run is bogus, SuEvan can't audit the same run and receive the benefit.


Also remember that the max power ups for week 2 is 3 per person. Check the Strategy Guide for power ups, rules, and more!


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