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TAY Run Club: Week 2

Oof I’m running way behind this week. Wish I had a good excuse but uhm...

really I’m just messing around on Mastadon learning about Harry Potter, Alf, and Vape Ape. It’s a wild ride folks.


So what are we looking at? Current standings are

Team 1: 156.8

Team 2: 110.4


Welp we’ve (team 2) got our work cut out for us!

Couple of updates/reminders/new things:

You can use points in the “running point bank” for your row to buy power ups.

Buy power ups.

That is all for now! Get out there and get running!

Special thanks to Novibear for getting a new sheet up for week 2. I promise this won’t be indicative of weeks 3 through 8.

Ya Links



Latest Power ups




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