I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Quiet your little face there.

Today on our list we have:


Wacky Week 3!

If your name is not: Aestevalis, Nach, Kluge, Aikage, Barkspawn, Morie, TUT, or StygianKnight...It's a blast from the past as we roll back the rules for one week only.


For week 3 you can go by either distance or time, where the time metric is 10 minutes - 1 point. People who are under the effect of Blast from the Past cannot be chosen as a nemesis.

This is a ONE WEEK ONLY event. Week 4 will return for everyone as the previously scheduled tough as nails ruleset.


Individual Power ups

Revenge (Passive): If you pick as a nemesis, someone who has previously picked you as a nemesis and won, and beat them. You may steal 6 points from that person.


Take a Snooze (1 point * Current level): Take off 1/4th your total goal. Cannot be used for levels 6 - 8. "The secret to winning is to not play the game. Or possibly surrendering at the first possible opportunity." - Ancient French Proverb

You Have My Axe (4 points): For this week points given to a friend are doubled. *Points given to friends are only for help reaching their level goal.* "And my toast!" Messiah


Aces Wild (2 points): If you get a total of 21.x points for the week, you can add 7 points to any player not in the top 4 on your team. Oh don't worry. He may be a vain, selfish, lying, and quite possibly alcoholic man-whore, but gambling is one vice Sterling doesn't have.


UI's Furby Trap (5 points) - Protect against 1 power up: Dr. Furbario Strikes. UI had been hunting Furbies for so long, it had become second nature.


Flashback Friday (5 points): Remove a debuff of your choice for this week from any player. Next week you will be afflicted by a random individual debuff. A hat in time saves nine.

Team Power Ups

Dr. Furbario Strikes (15 points): For every three points over the selected runner's goal, remove 1 point from every member of the team. Points for this power up refer to raw value points. Dr. Furbario Strikes can only affect points in excess of a runner's level goal. Furby said, "Don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm...FEED ME FEED ME NUM NUM NUM"


Like a Record Baby, Round Right Round. (10 points) Swap two people's level goal on your team. "What do you mean I can't make my students run for my points? With all due respect, you're wrong. Banned." - GBD


Audit is now a Team Power Up, although it does not count towards your total team power up usage.


Caltrops, Caltrops Everywhere! Price reduced from 35 to 20.

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