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TAY Run Club: Week 3!

Headed into week three I’ve decided in order to not make it a complete run away, that we’ll do a tally of who wins which weeks to determine the winner, and if there’s a tie at week 8 we will extend one more week.

Also your available points will not roll over more than one week I’ve just now decided 1. because no one is actually using them anyway, and 2. I’d have to adjust weekly points prices otherwise as some people would have hundreds of points to spend. SO you have last week’s points as your bank for this week and no more.


So far Team 1 has handily won week 1, and squeaked through Week 2. I’m going to start using my points on stuff so hopefully we can eke out a win. As long as Nach continues being AWOL we might have a chance. It was pretty darn close last week.

Regardless, you’re all doing great and keep up the good work!



1. Spreadsheet

2. Power Ups


3. Discord


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