Week 2 has come to an end. We're 25% of the way there people! Things really start to heat up this week with the introduction of the "is he actually serious?" level goals. This week there's a 15 thrown in the mix! A 15?! Wooooow

Now things to keep in mind:

Both teams right now are sitting on a healthy surplus of points.

If your team doesn't reach the level goal, you repeat your goal for the next week on the same spreadsheet space. Any points you accrued towards the level goal this week carry over into next week if your team doesn't make it. For example - Monday you have a 3 point run. Your team doesn't make it. The next week on Monday you run 5 points. You'd just change the 3 to an 8. Make sense?

I don't think ANYONE will finish the last two weeks on the first try. But also remember that I'm rolling out power ups left and right to try to help people get points!

And also we might have some weeks like this week! What's this week you ask? Didn't read the patch notes eh? Well. Fine.

This does NOT apply to Nach, TUT, Barkspawn, Aestevalis, Aikage, Morie, Kluge, or StygianKnight! This group will henceforth be known as "The 50%," because I have a feeling I'm going to be referring to this group in the future.


For this week only:

  • Points are gained at either 10 minutes/point or 1 point/mile. Whichever gets you more points.
  • You cannot be nemesis...ed
  • If you take a video of yourself prancersizing you get 50 points.
  • No limit to points gained via time

Team Minum

  1. Aikage 9
  2. I_Kluge 8
  3. Morie 15
  4. Quiddity 9
  5. Migaru 15
  6. Timehacker 8
  7. SupremeEvan 8
  8. StygianKnight 9

Team Plusle

  1. Nach 9
  2. TUT 9
  3. Barkspawn 15
  4. Aestevalis 8
  5. DamsonRhee 8
  6. Novi 9
  7. It'sDangerousToGoAlone 15
  8. John 8


For those who don't know what Prancercising is (Nach apparently!)

Here ya go! Bonus points if you wear tight white pants and a salmon top.