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TAY Run Club: Week 4 Stats Are a Go!


So far the Light Brigade still leads by roughly 200 points! Can our intrepid brigadiers maintain the lead as the level goals and the stakes get higher? Villains are doing their best to gain big points this week! Can the Earth be saved? Can we find peace and harmony?

So, Walf had an excellent idea about Season 2: MMOTAYRUNCLUB

Or, an RPG rather. Cooperative instead of competitive. Each weak you'd have to fight random monsters where instead of points, runs would determine the strength of your attack. Defeating monsters would net you gold XP which could be used to buy health potions, magic spells, etc.


Every 3rd week or so there'd be a boss that would have like.....1k HP and would deal random damage to players throughout the week until it was brought down.

This wouldn't be until March or April so we have time to think about it but let me know what you think.

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