I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Week 1: Team 1

Week 2: Team 1

Week 3: Team 2

Week 4: Team 1

We’re currently halfway and so far team 2 is getting trounced. Gotta step it up go fast kids. Last week Team 1 mostly no call no showed, but Novibear and Magz were able to singlehandedly defeat most of team 2. Yikes!


Last two weeks for me were something of off weeks - I was on vacation the first week and the second week I was.......uhh...coming back from vacation :D.

This week I should be resuming regularly scheduled exercise (not like I’m a huge credit to team or anything), but my advice to my team is this: Historically, week 5 is when everyone pretty much disappears. If you log points for our team we have a chance.


Also Sulfy, I haven’t forgotten about your drawing. Hopefully I’ll find some time today to MS Paint you up a masterpiece while also not getting looked at funny while at work :D.



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