I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!


  1. Aikage (captain) (15)
  2. GiantBoyDetective (8)
  3. GranArcanum (11)
  4. JollyBootsofDoom (11)
  5. Morie - The Hidden Blade (15)
  6. Marsh Naylor (8)
  7. TimeHacker (8)
  8. Walfisch, The Nightmare of Solomon (8)
  9. I_Kluge (11)
  10. Odin (15)

Light Brigade

  1. AstroKid248 (8)
  2. DamsonRhee (8)
  3. LoserMLW (15)
  4. General McFist (8)
  5. Nach (15)
  6. Neryl (captain) (11)
  7. Novibear (11)
  8. Stormborn (11)
  9. StygianKnight (8)
  10. Sylverfyst (11)
  11. TheUnfathomableTruth (captain) (15)

I'm not going to lie. Villains are getting pounded. As the weeks wear on and people get more and more lethargic, their once unending enthusiasm for mayhem and destruction wanes. So for this week only:

Villain only power ups Why so Sirius Black (magic): Punch Nach in the kneecap.

You call that a knife? (jail time): Murder a member of the Light Brigade. You become "blackened" if a panel of 16 high school students can figure out who among their ranks did the murder, then you die. Otherwise you get to walk away scott free!


Enhance (trip to Arizona): Dress up TUT's cat in pretty cat clothes. This should distract him long enough that he will not take any hikes.

Employment line (time and effort): Find all those bums a job.

Surprise Pregnancy (jail time again): Kidnap a child. Drop it on McFist's doorstop.

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