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TAY Scary Story Contest! Win a Pizza!

This month, until October 12, I am running a contest: Share your scariest story in 20 sentences or less in whatever length or form you choose. Whoever scares me the most WINS! A FREE PIZZA!

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Here are the contestants so far:

Armuun: The god looked down upon what terrible fortune at it had brought on the lowly creature. A mere child looked up at him with a quizzical expression in its eyes as he wept. Its lips had been removed, though the rest of its body had retained it’s form. It’s hands were bloodied and gaunt. Beneath it lay a mess of entrails and gore. Bite marks riddled the corpse at the child’s feet as it peeled another fresh slab of meat from it and devoured it in a single bite. The god could not look away from the abomination for fear of what it would do next. The child stood on its feet and with its grisly smile softly hissed “Do you approve of me now, father?”


My creator started with my consciousness. As bone grew and flesh wrapped tight around it, I felt immense pain, even though I wasn’t even born yet. I felt the hot rush of blood filling my veins, just as my veins spread across my body. My creator stood tall over me. He appeared frightened. The other slid in between us, and took the brunt of his wrath. The force knocked me over. I felt the warmth of my own blood as part of my face sloughed off. I couldn’t help it. I laughed heartily as my affliction took over. I slid on hands and feet over to the Other. She was smoking. Her bones were charred, meat… Smelling so wonderful. I’d forgotten about it… The only thought was the meat. The hunger took over, I ate ravenously… I eyed the creator… N O… Y-YOU… Can’t have any…. He teared up watching me… Jealous, JEALOUS! MINE…. I ate another piece. He must’ve seen enough and went to get his own.. Errrghhhaa…. He has NEW I have OLD. I must… eat new… I ran. Growths forming on my body. S-strange… The hunger disappeared. Pain. Growing… Flesh parted as seeds fell from my body. New ones. New ones spreading even more new ones. I tried to eat. TERRIBLE. Yuck. We all shrieked. No meat here. I smell new Meat. Father. I see him. OTHERS. ALL with MEAT. Want. Want. Want. Want. Bites. Mine. Gods. Shriek. One sick. Grab the legs. Bite. Chew. Suck. Break the bones. Suck the marrow. I’m laughing again… Others… Oh the others. But this. So good. Father’s going to be mad at me. Oh… Is father. Oops. New meat. Nooo… Want this. Mine. Want that. Want all. Kill the others. Take the meat. Red Gravy everywhere. They stopped screaming. No… Meat can’t be new if it’s not screaming…

TheGeekEmpress: Delivering pizzas is one of those crappy jobs where at the very least, when you finally quit you have some weird stories to tell your friends. The noisy frat bros who never, ever tip, the hot girls who show up at the door in a towel that you pray falls off, and those fat, hairy guys whose towels you pray stay on. The weirdest one was why I eventually quit. The place I worked at was a local joint owned by one of those guys who even if he had a PhD in advanced calculus still looked like they would own a pizza shop, and he merely embraced his destiny. For two weeks straight he would give me the same route with the same order to the same address. The pizza and house themselves weren’t weird, but the guy who always answered...he wasn’t quite right. He’d only open the door a crack to throw out the bills and snatch the pizza out of my hands before slamming the door in my face without saying a word. He looked like somebody who’d be on an episode of cops, with a grungy tank top and watery, unfocused eyes, and just behind him I could always see a woman with her back to the door, quietly sobbing until that door was invariably slammed in my face. For thirteen days in a row: money, snatch, sob, slam. Then on the fourteenth door he answered again...but this time the sobbing woman couldn’t be heard, or seen. It was easy to see something wasn’t right, and my gut told me the worst had happened. That crying woman was now dead, but I had no proof. So I raced back to my store, anxious and upset and searching for the owner to give me advice on what to do. I ran to the back kitchen, yelling my boss’s name as I opened the swinging door, finding him using his teeth ripping to rip out the liver of my now dead coworker.

Unimplied: Once upon a time, a group of seven people and a Furby were hunting zombies for a competition (4vs4) to see who could survive the longest. Furby declared, “whoever survives the longest, I will buy a pizza for.”

It was a close match, with both teams losing members left and right. Eventually a zombie ate me, and that was the end. But! My room mate was the sole survivor in the end. Furby then said, “OK, you win a pizza!”





Division-Ten: Donald Trump is a legitimate contender for the American presidency.


Nach: I once ate...

Frozen pizza!!!

Deadecho: The hospital I work at is haunted by at least two ghost. One is a child about 7 or 8. She only appears in one room at the foot of one bed there. The hospital is celebrating its 150 year anniversary and the building is the second oldest in its history, the first is just an office building. The floor she resides is currently a GI floor but was once an OB/GYN, then a Physc floor. She stands at the foot of the B side bed in room 182 on the north side of the building. Patients ask, while I used to clean in there, “hey when I was dozing off last night I saw a little girl stand at the end of my bed. Do you know who she is?” “O that is just a ghost. She is harmless.”


Shardik: He could feel them watching him, as they always did. The eyes followed him wherever he went, but were never there when he tried to look back. The boy told his parents, but they took it for a childhood game. They ignored him when he cried in the night. Needed to learn, they would say. He hadn’t slept in what felt like weeks, for he could feel the eyes come closer if he tried.

The one solace the boy found was holed up in his closet. He began spending all his time in the closet. He could feel the eyes watching from outside the door, but they seemed far away from him.


The parents, thinking they were helping, one day took the door off the closet. The boy had nowhere left to hide. That night, feeling the eyes watching him, he knew the only thing left he could do. He stole his father’s lighter, sat down in the closet, and set the room on fire.

As the fire consumed the room, he finally saw the eyes, and they watched him burn.


StrawHat: A man wakes up, and is immediately confused as he has no memories of who he is. He looks up to see a horribly ugly woman in front of him, who tells him: “And now, what is your final wish?”

The man questions her “Last wish? Don’t I get three wishes?”

“Yes,” she sighs, “but you’ve already used your first two. Your second wish was to undue your first wish as if everything was as it was before, so here we are. Now, what is your last wish?”


The man thinks about it for a second and says “Well, since I can’t remember anything, I wish to know who I really am!”

“Funny,” she chuckles. “That was your first wish.” And the woman disappears.


Behind the Curtain

There it was again.

That sound. Like helicopter blades. Elisa peered out into the dark from her bedroom window but it was too dark to see anything.


She sighed and shut her window. Awake now, she stared up at the ceiling letting her mind wander over all the bogeyman and monsters that she knew.

Pumpkinhead, Freddy, The Wulgaru… CandleJack

She giggled at the last one – a machine gun burst of too loud laughter that she stifled quickly. None of them made noises like helicopter blades.


There it was again.

Thwup thwup thwup pause thwup thwup thwup

Elisa’s eyes went wide and sweat made her hands and arms slick as she pulled herself up from her bed.


Dracula, Frankenstein, Pennywise

As she peered out her window again she debated calling for her parents. She was almost nine now, though, and if she yelled Toby would hear her. Toby would tell all his friends what a baby she was and then she wouldn’t ever be allowed to watch them play playstation again. Although it was still pitch black she saw, or imagined she saw the darkness shifting. As if the night were the curtain in a big play and someone was behind it pushing.


Thwup thwup thwup pause thwup thwup thwup

It was coming more frequently now. The pause between the two sets of noises shortening. She decided she’d just go see if her daddy was up. He usually stayed up pretty late at his computer. She tiptoed quietly out of bed and crept to her dad’s office. There was light streaming from under the door so she deduced he must be inside.


Jersey Devil, Swamp monster, Beholder

Her dad sat languidly watching something on his computer screen. He saw her, removed his headphones, and frowned. “What’s wrong sweetheart?”


Relief washed over her as she ran to him and buried her face in his side. “Daddy, I keep hearing a monster outside my window!”

Thwup thwup thwup pause thwup thwup thwup

Grey Taylor looked at his daughter and for a fraction of a second she could see that he was scared. Then his face reasserted normality and he said, “That sound? That’s probably just….a window shutter hitting a house or something. Do you want to sleep in our bed?”


Jason, Aliens, Tommyknockers

She nodded and grabbed his hand, holding on as if she were afraid she’d drown on the way to his bed. When they arrived she could tell immediately that something wasn’t right. Usually mommy slept with a fan on but it was silent in the room. The second thing she noticed was that the window was open even though daddy had grudgingly turned the air conditioning on earlier in the day (“Have you seen our electricity bills?”) She looked to her dad but he too had a puzzled look on his face. He went to the window and stuck his head out.


Thwup thwup thwup thwup thwup thwup

She heard him gasping and his arms shot out the window, flailing at something only he could see. She heard him cry out in pain. With growing alarm she realized she could see a thin rivulet of blood begin to seep down the right side of his face. It made its way down his neck and then began to stain his flannel jammies with a spreading pool of reddish brown.


Thwup thwup thwup thwup thwup

Thin brown sticks began to come into view. Her mind completely shut down, all Elisa could do was watch as a segmented brown body attached to monstrously large wings (they’d be bigger than toby each, she realized detachedly) floated into view.


Thwup thwup thwup thwup

The wings fluttered and flapped. Finally, the triangular head became visible and she was able to piece together what was going on. The giant brown creature’s proboscis was buried in the side of her daddy’s neck. He turned his head and tried to speak, tried to tell her to run away, but instead a torrent of bloody vomit spewed from his mouth. He staggered. As if in a daze, he pulled his head inside the window with enough strength to dislodge the proboscis. It was at this moment that Elisa snapped back to reality. She ran to her daddy and slammed the window shut. The moth coiled it’s proboscis up and with terrifying speed, fired it at her. It reminded her of the party favors she’d found so fun at last year’s New year’s party. She had blown into one and it had uncoiled just like this thing’s - *crack* The proboscis hit the window with enough force to shatter the glass. Elisa screamed and turned to her daddy. He was down on one knee now and looked at her beseechingly. She ran to him and hugged him, tears streaming down her face. He spewed more blood onto her nighty and went frighteningly still. As her head rested on his shoulder, she saw with growing horror that her mother was in bed. Where her head should have been was a mass of gristle and wet red bone. Worse, in the shadows, behind the door the darkness was shifting, as if someone was pushing on the night.


Thwup thwup thwup

Elisa closed her eyes and waited to wake up.

JTWhite: Out of the corner of her eye, the shadow moved across the wall. Ignoring it, assuming it was only her mind playing tricks, she continued to read, “And then Goldilocks headed up the stairs...”


Her daughter laughed and waved toward the wall, saying “He’s so funny.”

“Who is?”

“The dark one.”

The mother raised an eyebrow.

“He’s going to kill you tonight.”

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