I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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TAY Scavenger Hunt: Sign up!

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Summer loving, happened so faaaaaaaaast summer loving had me a blast met a girl cute as can beeeeee


So we here are going to have a bit of a scavenger hunt ya see! GBD will buy the winner ice cream. He told me he would at least....in a dream...

So how do you do a scavenger hunt? Well first, sign up! By signing up I can keep track of


1. who is playing

2. How many clues they’ve gotten!

3. How interested people are in this idea! (FREE ICE CREAM PEOPLE)

I’ll give sign ups about a week and then post a list of about....hrmmm...10 items? We’ll do three stages of ten items each, that sounds good. That way if interest flags after the first ten we can just call it a day!


You can work as a team or solo however you wanna fly is fine with me!

Current Scavengers:

  • RerTV
  • Zarnyx
  • Meaden373
  • Lightsaber.ninja
  • Novibear
  • OffkilterPendulum
  • Taurenrider
  • ThePickyGamer
  • xMetalWolf

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