I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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First round we’re going to go for TAY and TAY accessories based clues. Get on your thinking caps and your pencils and your friendship magic. Without further babbling, let the games begin!


Find me:

  1. A picture of Zarnyx’s food keychains. For Zarnyx, find me a picture of double stuffed oreos.
  2. A picture of Quiddity’s cast iron pan or Abracadaniel’s Grill Press. Both of them can frequently be found on Discord
  3. I want an image of InvadingDuck’s mascots in color. Extra points if you find Cruzifixio’s updated version.
  4. Meathead’s dog is very cute. Get me a picture of it!
  5. Which movie title is in the third paragraph of Nyren’s thoughts of Mass Effect Andromeda (the ‘three days with’ article)?
  6. Who made the header image for the TAY Olympics? You’ll have to find out the name of the event first :D.
  7. Several TAYers hail from Canada - Name four!
  8. Which anime did Novibear recommend to me? Don’t worry, he only ever recommended one because after I watched it I vowed to never ask him for a recommendation ever again.
  9. I want a screenshot of you in Nach’s Twitch channel while he is playing. You can find his stream announcements on his twitter feed
  10. Drea-Poetic really likes a certain MMO. I want a picture of her character from said MMO.
  11. Bonus: What’s Kidechka’s cat’s name?

Don’t worry if you can’t get them all! You can talk amongst yourselves (lolololol) if you need help, or cheat off other people for the non-picture related entries. If you don’t want people cheating off you, you can DM me in Discord, or send a message to me on the DirecTAYry.


I’ll keep track of who has gotten which ones correct in a magical SPREADSHEEEEETTTT that I’ll share once I actually make it.

You have until the end of June Summer to get all your clues in to me and the person or persons who get the most answers correct will win!



PickyGamer: Nach’s Stream, The Canadians, Nyren’s Movie Title

Zarnyx: The Canadians

Novibear: Drea’s Character

Current Leader: PickyGamer!

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