I'm really feeling it!

And if you signed up you should probably check this post.

By now the vast majority of folks (28 people!) who signed up for Secret Santa this year should have their match sitting in their inbox. While just about everyone has been contacted, there are still quite a few regulars who have not posted their gift guides (or I missed the fact that they did so).


If you are...

  • Tygore
  • sub judice
  • Steve Bowling
  • Vallyswag
  • Kcet
  • ToxicBunnies

I need a link to your guide. DO IT! DO IT NOW!

I’d like to take a moment to extend condolences to everyone for their Grandma being ruthlessly run over this holiday season. The Feliz Navidad Forensics team has concluded that Grandma was indeed bowled down by... a very large katamari. She belongs to the universe now. Here’s a look at the other suspects in the case. Though I suppose technically all the other options could be a part of the katamari...

RIP in peace, Grandma.


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