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TAY Secret Santa 2018: Sign-Ups!

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Wahay! It’s that time of year again TAY folks. Time for our sixth annual Secret Santa gift exchange.


Last year we had a ton of TAY regulars and old friends participate in our Secret Santa festivities, and it was a blast! After reading over the rules you should definitely consider joining in the fun. Here’s the breakdown.

The Rules

1. You have until the 16th of November to sign up. We’ll start sending out assignment emails on the 17th and 18th. This way you have some time find a present, and you can take part in the Black Friday insanity if you like.


2. Fill out the form below with your info if you’re interested in joining this year. I’ll be handling everyone’s information. I only share this data with Zarnyx (Narelle Ho Sang) who is helping me run the whole shebang and I promise we will not hand it out to anyone but your Secret Santa.

3. Everyone who is a part of secret Santa must make a gift guide page, like so. Just post them to your personal blogs and share them here. You will need to let me know in the comments below or by emailing me at ben@classrealm.com so I can link them to your name here in the main Secret Santa document. Be sure to tag your post with “Secret Santa 2018”.


4. The spending limit is $25. Do not go over the limit, or other people will be all, “Why did Jimmy get a real horse named Epona and I only got this Halo shirt?!” Be sure to not go too low either. You don’t want to be that guy or gal.

5. Official “Opening Day” will be December 22nd. On this day everyone will open their gifts. This means your gift needs to be there by that time. If ever you think a gift will be late, please let us know so I can warn the receiver.


6. Don’t commit if there’s a chance you’re gonna flake. Not sure if you have the cheese to spend on a random internet friend? Don’t risk it! It’s not that we don’t want you, it just makes everything complicated when people decide to bail at the last minute. If you need to save your hard earned dough for family and loved ones we all certainly understand.

7. Don’t wait until the last minute. This seemed to be an issue last year for some folks. It’s not that what they ordered was coming in late, they simply didn’t care enough to purchase something in time. Please don’t be that person. It only adds stress to the whole process.


8. Direct any questions to GDB or Zarnyx. Feel free to email me at ben@classrealm.com with any concerns or questions. Please state your TAY/Kotaku handle in the subject line so I know who you are.

The Form

Sign-ups for 2018 Secret Santa have now closed.

The List

- GiantBoyDetective

- Zarnyx (Narelle Ho Sang)

- Aikage

- AxelChildofDestiny

- Claudiolphigenia

- DisturbedShadow

- DivisionTen

- Geekachu

- The Geek Empress

- GeoStar 

- Gmoat

- JpSr388

- Kcet

- Kinjatman

- M to Tha J

- Novibear

- Optional Objectives

- ThePickyGamer


- PSWii

- Redstripe118

- Rer

- Rockmandash

- SeethingHatred

- Sir Hippo

- sub judice 

- Swansie

- ThatsmahPizza

- Tygore

- Umrguy

- ValleySwag

- WingZero351 (Brian White)

Total: 32


Is that $25 before or after tax and shipping? Before

My person has a super vague list or is missing info. What do I do? If you feel your recipient’s gift guide is a bit on the short side, or maybe they forgot to put their shirt size, just contact GBD or Zarnyx and they can request more info for you.


What if I get them something they already own? Then they’ll have two of that item! Just try to think outside of the box and look for items they would enjoy that aren’t widely known. Use their guide and your best judgement.

Can I give homemade items? Absolutely! Sometimes those are the best gifts. Just make sure you put $25 worth of effort into your project.


My item is a little... uh... sexy. Should I give it? Probably not. Unless you know the recipient very well you never know what might offend them. Don’t chance it.

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