I'm really feeling it!

Just as I promised, it's December 1st and all Secret Santa have been assigned! If somehow I left you out please let me know.


How much can I spend?: Keep it around $20. If you want to go a little above or below that's alright. If you're gonna go to one extreme it should be way over, do not half-ass this and send your person a piece of junk.


When are we opening our gifts?: December 21st is the planned day. Do not reveal yourself to your secret Santa or show off your gift if you need to open it before this date.

What happens if I don't send my person their gift?: I'll be very unhappy and will shun you from the TAY. Well, maybe not that last part, but don't bail on a friend in need during Christmas! You may also get banned from the TAY if you're being jerk about it.

What happens if I order my gift too late and it won't arrive before the 21st?: Tell me via email (ben@classrealm.com) and I'll warn your assigned TAYer that they should expect it at a later date.


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