I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Whats up! I’m going to be streaming Destiny 2 tonight at 9pm PST when it officially launches for everyone. I just published my impressions of the Destiny 2 Beta after having played the PC and PS4 versions of it. For those of you that are curious I highly recommend checking out the stream, I think it will give you a good preview of Destiny 2. Don’t forget even though this is a numbered sequel it is a complete reset for everyone. You won’t be left behind and will be able to begin fresh with everyone.


You can check out my stream here,

I will be trying to stream as much as possible throughout the rest of the week, there should be a lot of content to get through. Hopefully I’ll have time to post some written impressions after week 1.


I try writing for TAY and make videos for my YouTube channel for fun. I like playing games and interacting with gaming communities to wind down. You can find me here!

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