I'm really feeling it!

Hey, TAYtans!

I set up a server on my workstation, and while it's not a static IP currently, it's a start. This is a temporary server until we get a better grasp on how the server system works, and a place for TAY StarBounders to play around with multiplayer.


*ADDRESS REMOVED DUE TO ABUSE* Neryl has been kind enough to post the server information in our Steam Group. If we decide to go with a password-protected server, we will let everyone know there.

Post your character names here so we can party up when others are logged in! Also, please try to limit it to TAY patrons for now.

**IMPORTANT** When you leave the server, save and quit. If you don't, it may not save your character progress.

Suggestion: Keep any important gear or crafting stations on person for now - when the world crashed, your ship and player should still be safe.

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