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TAY Storytime with DS: Legends and Lore

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Hello and welcome back to our collaborative storytelling experiment. This is the penultimate post before we actually start writing for real, but if it’s your first time here you can still participate without needing to go back through the last few posts. Come on in and join the fun!

I’ll be doing my last bit of data collection today, but before we get into that let’s review last week’s results. There were only three submissions last time, but some of the best ones yet in my opinion. Let’s take a look.


Most importantly, our main characters names have been finalized. Our story will follow our main heroine Penny Faraday, her loyal canine companion Gizmo, and her monster hunter pal Sam Ironworth. You can find more detailed descriptions in last week’s post. You guys also provided a ton of great ideas for members of the supporting cast of allies and antagonists, and I will be using quite a few of them in the story! I’ll let which ones I’ve selected be a surprise, though.

Anyway, this week, I want to go back to our setting and expand the lore a bit. Myths, legends, history, and such. If it’s your first time participating, I’ll give you a very quick recap of the setting. If you want to learn more details, you can check out the past posts linked at the bottom of this one.

Our setting is kind of like a mashup of steampunk and gothic horror set in an alternate Earth with made up countries and whatnot as well as things like werewolves, vampires, ghosts, and other sorts of monsters. The story is set in the vast and technologically advanced empire of Skarskiva. Neighboring Skarskiva is the small republic of Mirliton, the oligarchic agricultural nation of Temnobor that suffers from frequent monster attacks, the rich mercantile nation of Vardeheim, and Skarskiva’s historical rival empire, Soriena. There’s also the rising power of Novoska on the other side of the globe that is several decades away from rivaling the likes of Skarskiva and Soriena.

With all that in mind, let’s get to some idea generation!

1. Come up with a legend from one of these nations.

2. Come up with an important historical event from one of these nations.

3. Come up with a monster or other supernatural entity that has been a menace in one of these nations in recent times. Maybe a vampire lord taking up residence near a small town in the wilderness or a werewolf on a killing spree, or a ghost haunting a town. Go wild!


4. Come up with a current event in Skarskiva or its capital mbira that might be relevant to the story.

5. Come up with any other random ideas about this kind of stuff or anything at all since this is the last data collection post I’ll be doing.


And that’s it. Next time I’ll post a full rundown of everything we’ve covered so far with all the final touches, and the following week I will post the first chapter of the story we’ve been laying the groundwork for!

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