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TAY Storytime with DS: Naming the Nation

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Hello again. Welcome back to our collaborative storytelling experiment. Last time, we began narrowing the focus of our steampunk setting, so now let’s see what we’ve come up with. I’ve tried my best to take some ideas from everyone who contributed. Please don’t feel bad if all your ideas weren’t used.

Our world is an alternate Earth, which gives us the freedom to make up our own countries and cities and the like. The world is also a place where supernatural things can occur. There are no magic spellcasters or wizards or anything like that, but creatures like werewolves, vampires, and the like are certainly possible, and let’s not forget about ghosts, spirits, and that sort of thing as well. We’ve got ourselves a bit of a gothic horror steampunk vibe going on here.


Our story takes place in the city of Mbira, the great imperial capital of one of the major nations of this world. This nation is an empire of some sort, obviously, but beyond that, we need to sort out some details. That’s stuff we can handle today. As for our city, it is an exciting time in the world as new incredible inventions and technologies that have never been possible before are now being developed, and Mbira is leading the way as one of great industrial centers of the world.

As for our mystery, well, that’s for me to know. There’s got to be some surprises for you guys when I get to writing this thing. ;)

With last time’s results out of the way, let’s get to finishing off the development of our setting for the time being.

1. Let’s get to naming the nation our story takes place in. We know it has an imperial form of government and that it’s capital is Mbira, but what is the nation itself called? Also, feel free to come up with any other details about the nation.


2. Come up with another nation within the setting. What’s it called? What are its government and culture like? What is its relationship with our nation?

3. Come up with an important person in our nation. Perhaps a political leader? Maybe a great inventor? Or maybe some other kind of public figure?


4. Feel free to leave any other random ideas for details about our setting if you like (optional).

That should be enough for us to paint a good picture of our setting. Look forward to the next post in a few days where we will be figuring out who our protagonist will be.

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