I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

TAY Sunday QuickDraw: Home Life

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It’s been a pretty gosh darn eventful week. Social events, a new (albeit boring) job, concerts and today kickball. And if posts around here are anything to go by everyone else has been just as busy!


Today’s Quick-Draw Themes

Choose one or both, whatever fits your fancy!:

Home Life

With the recent non-hurricane event, I figured I’d have been spending most of the weekend at home playing Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer. So why show me how you’re favorite game character lives at home. Or maybe how they decorate? Are there any special trpohies they put on display from their conquests? Maybe a special momento? I’m sure peach has a special place for the cake she keeps promising us (It’s a lie).


Concert Night

Since the hurricane didn’t happen, last night I ended up going to see Zedd in concert. I won free tickets while passing through Richmond moving here. It was a blast! It was by no means my first EDM event and especially not my first concert so I knew what I was getting into. But maybe it’s a game character’s first concert? Or are they seeing a favorite band? Show us how they rock out!


The rules are simple:

  • You have a single sheet of paper to draw a scene.
  • Give yourself 20- 30 minutes of uninterrupted concept/drawing time.
  • After the the time is up, put down your pencil/pen/stylus and upload your work in the comments.
  • Be sure to comment on other’s works as well! We have plenty of talented TAY residents around here!

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