I'm really feeling it!


I should’ve kept quiet...

So after a week of it just sitting around, I posted a reminder about the survey. In one day, the people who voted doubled (from 7 to a WHOPPING FOURTEEN PEOPLE) and the results were changed.


So what game will we make first?

The answer is...

Legacy of Goku!!! It breaks down like so:

Legacy of Goku - 42.86%

Hogwarts - 28.57%

GTA Online - 14.29%

Metal Gear - 14.29%

Also, I learned two things: 1) If you don’t want to write something, don’t put it as an option and 2) Not many people want to hear my sweet idea for GTA Online. It’s 2 voted came at the 11th hour.


But this post is about surveys, and I have things to share.

First up, TAY SURVEY! Will now be a weekly thing. Every Saturday will see the launch of a new poll and the results from the previous (next survey will be posted soon).


Finally, Wildest Dreams will ALSO have a poll. At the end of each one, there will be a chance to pick the next. Yay!!!! I think...

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