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TAY Survey Results Cancelled?!?

Well, since we’re all fans of the Gaming Industry, how ‘bout: “Postponed Indefinitely/For the Foreseeable Future”? Important bit is right here in the opening, explanation follows for anyone who’s super nebby.

Hey TAY, enjoying May? Or at least today? Say, see the way I made the rhyming stay? Okay. Not the time of day for me to play. This was pointless filler anyway. Though who am I to say? Honestly, it dawned on me, I’ve yet to fulfill my promising. Meandering, I’m rambling, on attention spans I’m gambling. My handling is juvenile. Am I even lucid now? This is stupid now, don’t lose it now- like New Edition, “Cool it Now”.

Okay, now that there’s a full break (thanks to my incoherent...poem?? Whatever that is above...) let’s get to the meat and potatoes.


I’m throttled, and my phone runs out in 3 days. The second part isn’t necessary for anyone who is actually HERE reading this, but Y’know...full disclosure.

Anyway, because of my current [personal] issues, I can’t upload any of the pictures for Survey Results. In fact, all I’ve been able to achieve thus far is a gif. One which will be presented, void of any context, at the end of this post.

So, sorry, y’all. Once I’m fully back up to speed, I look forward to discussing the results and can’t wait to see how you guys handle my planned little special prompt.

Wonder whose response prompted this violence? Stay tuned!!!

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